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Split Brain (Brain Area Functions) - Essay Example

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It is made up of many fibers which tend to link the two regions of the brain. The corpus callosum performs many important functions. It…
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Split Brain (Brain Area Functions)
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"Split Brain (Brain Area Functions)"

Download file to see previous pages It also tends to create a coordination of the two hemispheres for activities that need the combined function of both the parts of the brain (Clark et al 2010).
The term split brain is used for those patients whose corpus callosum has been removed for the treatment of conditions like epilepsy to stop the extending of the condition from one cerebral hemisphere to the other cerebral hemisphere. This operation led to the proving of different functions of the corpus callosum and these patients presented with interesting findings. The split brain patients live normal lives like other individuals and could carry out activities like other people but there are certain changes seen in these people. It is seen that when these patients see something which is only restricted to their left visual field they are unable to name it. They are aware of what that thing is and they can also feel it. The reason for this is that the connection between the two hemispheres is lost and information cannot be relayed from the right hemisphere to the left hemisphere which is principally responsible for language. It also proved the fact that “spatial tasks” are performed at a more optimal level by the right hemisphere. This was seen when the patients were asked to collected colored objects. They could perform this activity in a better way with the left hand. An intriguing aspect seen in these patients is that the two hemispheres function as two brains (Greenstein et al 2000).
I think split brain surgery should only be performed as a last resort when all other measures have failed for the treatment of conditions like epilepsy and other conditions. This surgery proves to have dramatic results but it does produce alterations in the normal brain ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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