Clinical DSM-V disorder - Assignment Example

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In this type of mental disorder, the body’s reaction to danger is somehow damaged or changed. It is important to note that the fear resulting…
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Clinical DSM-V disorder
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Download file to see previous pages Such persons might have been the primary victims, or the ordeal occurred to their loved ones. Terrifying events develop intense fear and a feeling of powerlessness and may be warfare, sexual assaults or threats of imminent death (Yehuda, 2002).
Other ordeals could be torture, child abuse, plane crashes, accidents, bombings or train wrecks. Individuals who suffer from this disorder tend to feel frightened or stressed even after they are safe and sound. Recurring flashbacks, nightmares, hyper arousal and irrepressible thoughts about the event that continue for a relatively long period after the event are common symptoms. Other symptoms include feelings guilt, irritability or isolation as well as lack of sleep and concentration. This disorder can occur immediately after the ordeal or after a given period. Cases of Post-traumatic stress disorder became rampant following the First World War 1914-1918.
This occurred after soldiers fighting in the war begun developing shell shock from the trenches’ harrowing conditions. The disorder was however never recognized officially as one of the mental conditions until 1980. At that moment, PSTD was accommodated in the mental disorders’ diagnostic and statistical manual that is a product of the American Psychiatric Association. Post-traumatic stress disorder is more likely to develop in women than in men, though both may experience similar traumatic events (Skelton et al., 2012). The risk of developing PTSD in children under the age of ten is lower than in adults.
Several factors have been associated with the cause and development of PTSD, and they include family violence, substance abuse, genetics, damage of some brain areas and foster care. Studies support that trauma of family violence can predispose a person to PTSD especially children and women. Child abuse may increase the risk of that person to experience PTSD at older ages ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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