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30 Seconds to make great impression in an interview - Research Paper Example

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Considering different books and articles, the paper analyses the importance of initial thirty seconds and different elements which contribute to a great first impression. A huge part…
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30 Seconds to make great impression in an interview
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Download file to see previous pages rst glance which gives the interviewee only 30 seconds to impress the interviewer primarily by his personal appearance, confidence, and body language.
“When it comes to the world of business, perception is often reality” states Peterson(2011,p.111).After going through the job application and making it all the way to interview, the thing it takes to win the job is considered to be a great first impression. The opportunity to hit the mark is very precise and amounts to a limited time frame of only 30 seconds as Wargo (2006) states, “(one) will never get a second change to make a great first impression.”It is a commonly perceived reality that interviewer, like any other human being, forms an impression about an individual, his personality, character, and most often this impression is indelible (Wargo, 2006). This paper briefly analyses the factors involved in making great first impression and influencing interviewer in 30 seconds to vote in favor.
According to research, 55 per cent of the first impression is based on appearance and behavior. These personal attributes of any human being include clothing, posture, body language, facial expression, confidence, and eye contact. Thirty-eight per cent of the first impression relays on the way one speaks. It includes, voice quality, pitch, tone, clarity, accent, and confidence. Quite surprisingly, only seven per cent of first impression is formed by the words one says. It implies that a whole 93 per cent of the very crucial first impression stems from an individual’s looks and sounds (Corfield, 2009, p.46) and interviewer is no exception.
According to Joiner and Meg (2008, p.161) a few simple and straightforward rules can ensure positive initial moments in an interview. These positive initial moments form a generally positive opinion about the interviewee and remaining time naturally proceeds in a pleasant way. In contrast, if initial moments are negative, it takes an uphill climb to change the opinion once ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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