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The essay "Psychological Variables in Renal Transplantation" states that this article seemed to be meticulously planned out in terms of the procedure, as the instrumentation used was extensive. However, much of the analysis was assumed from the scores derived from the participants…
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Psychological Variables in Renal Transplantation
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It is notable that a number of factors were considered in the questionnaire as measures of the subjects’ source of anxiety/ comfort and trust in the transplantation procedure. Such factors would be interesting to study per se (e.g. how the factors originated and how it affects the patients in coping with the transplantation). The use of undergraduate students in the study seemed irrelevant since more attention should have been given to the patients and the psychological states they were in both pre- and post-operation.
Overall, the study was a good one for a pilot investigation. Much can be learned from it that can be applied/ prevented in future studies on the psychological effects of organ transplant in patients and even their families, depending on its context. Read More
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