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Tooth transplantation - Essay Example

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Allotransplantation , the transplantation of a tooth from one person to another , was eventually abandoned because of histocompatibility…
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Tooth transplantation
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"Tooth transplantation"

Download file to see previous pages Patients must be carefully selected for this procedure. The patient must be healthy, available for follow-up visits, and able to follow post-operative instructions. Patients must also demonstrate that oral hygiene is a part of their regular lifestyle. Furthermore, suitable candidates must have a recipient tooth and a donor tooth to undergo the procedure. Patients’ cooperation and understanding are of utmost importance for predictable results (Clokie et al, 2001).
Autogenous tooth transplantation is usually done because of tooth loss due to dental caries, mainly in the first molar of the lower jaws. “Transplantation can also be opted in cases like tooth agenesis (premolars and lateral incisors), traumatic tooth loss, canine atopic eruption, root resorption (body of the cells attack and destroy a part of a tooth), large endodontic lesions, cervical root fractures, and localized juvenile periodontitis” (dentalcareadvice, 2010).
The above pictures (by kunni dental office) demonstrate the removal of the third molar (the wisdom tooth) that is transplanted to the site of the first molar which is beyond repair. The site must be prepared well to receive the donor tooth. There must be sufficient space and alveolar bone structure to accommodate and support the donor tooth. Teeth with poor shape and root morphology are not used in transplants (dental care advice, 2010).
The success of the procedure depends on how well healing takes place after the transplantation. Normally, the tooth with a healthy periodontal ligament provides a higher degree of success. Tooth length and development stage are also important factors in determining the success of the procedure. There is less chance of necrosis (cell death) and higher chance of pulp survival when the premolar has already completed half to two third root development. Placement of implant supported prosthesis or other type ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Tooth Transplantation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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