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This essay assesses the person with using an IQ test, Holland’s Code Quiz, the Jung Typology test, the True Colors Personality Test Assessment. The purpose of the assessment instruments helps more realistically choose a career path that was more amenable to his interest, aptitude and personality…
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Behavioral Observations, Assessment Instrument, and Procedures
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Download file to see previous pages John is an only child. He is a normal 18-year-old with no known medical problems. He has regular checkups and appears to be in good health. He is articulate and well-mannered, although a little shy and reserved. Beneath the shy and reserved veneer, however, is a sensible and caring young man who wants to please his parents and to make them proud of him. John had a relatively normal childhood as there are no known behavioural problems.
His mother is a housewife and his father is a medical doctor. As an only child, John has a close relationship with his father and it is obvious that he wants to be like his father. He is proud of the fact that his father is a doctor as he always talks about his father’s and his medical career. John is also very close to his mother and indicates that she encourages him to pursue a medical career but fears that he is not up to the task academically. She has been realistic about his prospects. John indicates that his father has not put any pressure on him to follow his career path, but John feels that his father would want him to be a medical doctor more than anything else.
It is obvious that John feels some sort of pressure to join the medical profession as a medical doctor. He is afraid that anything less would disappoint his parents that most of all, he feels that anything else is tantamount to complete failure. John needs to realize that he has to choose a career that will give him satisfaction and not one that will give his parents satisfaction. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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