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Functional behavioral Assessment - Assignment Example

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In the paper “Functional Behavioral Assessment” the author analyzes a valuable and important part of applied behavioral analysis program, Functional Behavioral Assessment. The main purpose of it is to learn deeply about the behaviors of people before making any intervention in their lives…
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Functional behavioral Assessment
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Extract of sample "Functional behavioral Assessment"

Download file to see previous pages There are certain unusual attitudes being adopted by some people in order to grab the attention of the surrounding people. In such cases, people generally understand soon that the attitude and acts of the person are his attempt to make him prominent so that all the people will look at him and will not give importance to any other person or thing. The functional assessment not only allows the identification of motive behind such acts but it also helps in exploring the root cause of such behavior (Moroz and Jones, 2002). For instance, if any person is found doing unusual acts to get the attention of the people, the functional analysis helps understanding that the person might behaving in this manner because he has encountered the problems of boredom, poor self occupation skills and limited communicating opportunities (Heward et al, 2005). In some cases, the functional analysis could also revealed that such behavior adopted due to facing negligence from the surrounding environment and thus, the behavior of the person could be properly handled and improved in the light of the understanding gained through FBI. The desire for some tangible things like food, drink or any object also motive people to act in certain manner. In some cases, FBA also concludes that the behaviors of the person are due to their loneliness and depression that might be due to losing any close person in life. In such cases, the individual might wants to escape from the environment and adopts an unusual attitude (Moxley, 2004). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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