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Philosophy has taught us that human thought process, beliefs, expectations, and desires, in total forming human cognition, strongly influence one’s state of mind and happiness; the same has been proven by many researches in the past. …
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Describe the role of cognition in stress reduction and compare and contrast RET
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Running head: stress management. Stress Management. Discussion Topic # 2: Describe the role of cognition in stress reduction and compare andcontrast RET, cognitive therapy and cognitive
behavioral therapy in stress management and reduction.
Philosophy has taught us that human thought process, beliefs, expectations and desires, in total forming human cognition, strongly influence one’s state of mind and happiness; the same has been proven by many researches in the past. After huge argument, Lazarus (1982) concluded that human cognition works by serially receiving, registering, encoding, storing for the short or long run, and retrieving meaningless bits of information processing (cited Ingram, Miranda & Segal, 1998 p.7). Based on the same lines, Aaron Beck, the founding father of Cognitive Therapy recognized that the main reason for depression is the tendency to think negatively and inappropriately about self, one’s world and the future (Nuys, 2008).
Most reliable Psychotherapy is believed to be achieved by method of modifications of dysfunctional cognitions and beliefs, and on this premise the Cognitive Therapy (CT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Rational Emotional Therapy (RET) are based. Beck’s (2001) methodology suggested that some CBTs work by cognitive restructuring techniques like self-instructional training, problem-solving therapy, and behavior modification. Evidences suggest some researches accomplishing this is through practice of identification of negative cognitions, anxious moods corresponding with negative thoughts, and adopting relaxation techniques like practicing enjoyable activities, social skills training, problem solving and behavioral experiments (Hofmann, 2007).
CT is one of the types of CBTs and based on the cognitive formulation of the patients disorder and the cognitive conceptualization of the specific patient. This therapy is meant to alter patients cognitions, behavior, emotions, (and sometimes physiological reactions). In order to produce lasting transformations in these, this therapy exclusively focuses on bringing alterations to dysfunctional cognitions, especially the beliefs (Beck, 2001).
RET has been employed as the most successful form of stress-reduction therapy, in the form of a psycho-educational format in children and adolescents, and attempts to teach general cognitive rationale that thoughts influence feelings, distinguishes impact of rational and irrational thinking, and ways to handle difficult situations commonly faced in this age group (Haaga & Davidson, 1989).
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Comprehensive Model and its Treatment Implications. Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Vol. 36 Issue 4, p193-209. Read More
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