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Consumer Behaviour and the Beer Industry - Research Paper Example

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 This paper identifies some important and noteworthy behaviors of beer consumers that have been observed or found through literature reviews. The second section of the paper will attempt to interpret the behaviors into known consumer behavior concepts for better understanding.  …
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Consumer Behaviour and the Beer Industry
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Extract of sample "Consumer Behaviour and the Beer Industry"

Download file to see previous pages One fact has remained steady and that is the beer consumer. In recent years, however, there has been a decline in beer consumption due to a variety of reasons, most obvious of which is the evolving consumer behavior.
Picture a roomful of men, sitting in front of the Sony Bravia TV to watch the latest English Premier League game, after a long, tiring day. Their wives and children are supping or sleeping peacefully at home but tonight is the boys’ night out. Somebody has just ordered Dominos pizza and the men are all sitting with camaraderie, joking and laughing loudly together. To complete this scene there is only one thing needed: beer.
If we take the definition of Consumer Behaviour to be, “the decision process and physical activity individuals engage in when evaluating, acquiring, using or disposing of goods and services” (Loudon, p5), then the above, a typical scenario involving loyal beer consumers, can be broken down into distinct steps, each signifying one aspect of the consumer’s behavior with regards to beer usage and consumption:
1. Evaluating: As the boys will get together and there will be carefree banter and fun, there has to be an activity (watching sports on a big screen TV like the Bravia), a venue (the living room), participants (all the five or six men), food (pizza by Dominos as all the ‘boys’ like it) and drink (which has to be beer). What can be derived from this is that when adults are relaxing and in the mood to have fun, they will likely want a beer.
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