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Communication at Work - Book Report/Review Example

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This paper "Communication at Work" focuses on the process of transmission of ideas and thoughts among several actors existing in the current scenario. This act of communication does not only involve vocals or speech but it can also be carried out through the use of gestures and postures. …
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Communication at Work
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Extract of sample "Communication at Work"

Download file to see previous pages While one individual communicates with others, he represents various factors associated with him. His culture and rituals, his religion, the work atmosphere he belongs to, the social status and the attitudes towards the genders are all such factors that are responsible for making his communication either successful or if not proper, the outcomes can be unfavourable as well.
As every individual is a different communicator from the other, the entire features of communication also differ. Taking my own example as a communicator and comparing it with the communication behaviour of a class fellow of mine, more than many differences would arise.
We both are students of a university and tend to achieve good grades as well as earn a good reputation in all aspects of our academic as well as co-curricular activities. The attitudes and modes of behaviours practised by both of us are different in numerous ways.
The cultural patterns hold a great importance in the interpersonal communication. One feature among the cultural patterns is Eye contact. Eye contact is a feature that is valued and is considered of significant importance among all cultures. Muslim culture and Asian countries demand the girls to avoid the eye contact. Initially, this practice used to be adopted and implemented quite thoroughly, but, with the changing standards of the society, people have raised their attitudes and tend to be much modernized than they were before.
While communicating with the opposite gender, I usually avoid making an eye contact because this actually makes me experience some sort of discomfort. I have suffered quite a lot of problems due to this incapability of mine to keep an eye contact with the person I am communicating with. My friend, however, tends to keep an eye contact and this is how she is able to create the impact of a forceful and an effective communication.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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