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Letter of Advice - Important Aspects of Interpersonal Communication - Research Paper Example

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This letter of advice concerns the aspects of communication that make our interpersonal communication healthier and helps solve the conflict in the most painless way. The author helps to correctly detect and overcome communicative barriers, which can cause miscommunications and misunderstanding…
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Letter of Advice - Important Aspects of Interpersonal Communication
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Extract of sample "Letter of Advice - Important Aspects of Interpersonal Communication"

Download file to see previous pages To develop an effective interpersonal communication network it is necessary for the individuals to keep several factors in mind while communicating. In personal relationships, the communication network needs not be formal like letters or memos, yet needs to be perfect in transmitting the messages and views. For instance, if one partner wants to go out, he/she needs to communicate this desire rather than relying on the idea that the other partner will himself/herself identify and fulfill it. To achieve this it is necessary for the person who is communicating to reach clarity. By clarity here it is meant that the person who is communicating should be very clear in stating his thesis of the message. The words chosen by the communicator should be very precise which are clear enough for the other individual’s intellect. Thus it is necessary that the communicator does not drag his message up to critical levels where the other listener gets confused by the message. This confusion can, therefore, lead to several other problems in the relationships. Dear George and Jenny, my advice to you for a successful relationship are to maintain a level of understanding and frankness which allows you to speak out ‘clearly’ your innermost feelings and communicate your expectation without hesitation. The expectations of the other partner to understand the unspoken or ambiguously communicated wishes may end up weakening the relationship.
The communicator should make it a point that he is direct when communicating. The communicator should not involve irrelevant messages while he communicates as these irrelevant messages can lead to errors in understanding the basic idea or expectation of the other partner. The misconception about reaching the point in communication is that the communicator usually thinks that adding up other points may give him an advantage but this rather creates an absurd image in which one can miss out the main points of the original message. So it can be concluded that in communication it is necessary that the main point is laid out first so that it is not missed out later on. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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