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Electronic Communication at Work - Essay Example

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This paper talks that the modern wave of globalization has come with a revolution in use of information and communication technology (ICT). It has been a historical mark in the revolution of the communication and sharing of information in the world…
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Electronic Communication at Work
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Extract of sample "Electronic Communication at Work"

Download file to see previous pages As the report declares ICT has changed not only the social life but also the nature of working life of the people. ICT has greatly changed the nature of work of the Australian community in many aspects which has been brought about by use of new technologies in work.
This paper stresses that the diffusion of ICT in some of the aspects of the traditional jobs shows that they can be performed by clients themselves at all levels. For example the increased presence of photocopying machines and computer has taken the services at home from the commercial centres as more people now own these machines. The presence of the internet has led to creation of new jobs in the market as well as evolution of new methods of working. In the industries, it has also changed the nature of work and some of the traditional jobs are not turning multi skilled or they have come to add value in order to remain more viable in the market. Therefore it has led to diversification of skills that are required to perform a certain job while in other cases it has led to reduction of the skills required. This has been an important change in the way we work. The rise of electronic technology has facilitated the aspect of computerization of almost all the sectors of our life. The production sector has been changing very fast which has led some of the trade skills traditionally considered important obsolete. For example typesetters and engravers in the printing industry and the circulation desk in the libraries have been rendered obsolete by the emerging technology. There has also been a great reorganization of the work place. (Capuro 2006, p. 65)
This reorganization has led to creation of some departments which never existed before. The change in technology has brought about realignment of the workplace. For example the increased data handling capacity of computers has led to change of some departments that existed before.
Computerization in the workplace has also led to the need to have workers who posses computer skills. It has become a requirement for every worker to have the basic computer skills in order to carry out their duty effectively. The use of computers in all departments demands multi-skilled workers. (Coyne 1995, p. 71)
ICT has also led to breaking of boundaries of many occupations. There has been replication of services handled by different departments. For example, there has been increased sharing of duties between different departments that have reduced the boundaries between them. If we take the case of human resource department and the accounting department, both share the same database on the employees which is used to account for the payroll by the accounting department while the HR department use for supervision. (Forester 2004, p. 32)
The nature of work has also been changed by the development of new products and process inputs in the production process. The change in technology of the production process has led to development of new product and new production process which has changed how we do our work. However the speed at which these new products and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Electronic Communication at Work Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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