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Electronic Technology and Devices - Assignment Example

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The reporter states that electronic devices are massively used for the residential as well as industrial purposes. Moreover, the major important aspects of electronic devices are a fast operation, easy operation, automation, precision, comfort and reliability…
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Electronic Technology and Devices
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"Electronic Technology and Devices"

Download file to see previous pages Moreover, electronics and computer technology have a deep relation. Computer controlled applications like in various industrial use electronics for precise and fast operation. Industrial applications always try to attain maximum efficiency with respect to input power. Fast operation in industry save much of the electrical units and enhances the efficiency through mass production and precision.
Electronic technology is of huge importance. The importance of electronics in industrial operations can never be neglected. On the other hand, modern surgical and medical fields also use electronics for precision, accuracy and fast operation. Moreover, in the modern world, everything is controlled through sensitive electronics for various purposes. We are unable to attain weather forecast without the use of electronics in the satellite system that enables it to capture high-resolution images and then transmits its earth station. On the other hand, vehicles are installed with ECU (Engine control units) electronic cards to control the engines functions. Power transmission and generation system use electronics to control the power transmission and generation. Industrial units use delicate electronics for precise and fast operation (Gibilisco, 2006).
The basic purposes of electronics in most of the industrial units in fast switching, amplification, oscillation, filtration of unwanted signals, bits storage, etc. Industrial applications require fast switching for precise and fast operation. It is the basic strategy to increase the productivity and reduce the cost of the product. With the invention of the transistor, the operation became very fast, as relay logic was previously developed for the industrial application. Relays may have switching time as less as 100 milliseconds; however, transistors have switching time as lass as 10 nanoseconds that makes transistors best for faster operations. With the advent of transistor’s functionality, even faster transistors were invented for the industrial and satellite operations.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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