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Tuner circuit tt - Essay Example

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For anyone learning or being involved in the use of electricity and electronics, it is crucial for him to have a wide working knowledge of tuner circuits and how they function in electronic devices. Every part of the paper will have deeper explanation of the topic, which special…
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Tuner circuit tt
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Download file to see previous pages The reader will have an overall concept of the use of tuner circuits as well as the theory behind them.
One of the most essential circuits in the communication field is a tuner circuit. (Godse & Bakshi, 2010) stated that a tuner circuit can be defined as a speaker that amplifies specific band of frequencies. Also, a tuner circuit can be used in televisions and radio. It is thus important to study tuner circuits because they are used in nearly all electronic devices, including remote-controlled model aircrafts and space satellites. Tuner circuits work when the amplifier plays an important thing in electrical and electronic devices. The work of an amplifier here is to add to the amplitude of a signal waveform, devoid of altering other constraints of the waveform, such as frequency or wave shape (, 2015). Tuner circuits come in different types such as tuned amplifier, which is used to select and amplify a specific high frequency or narrow band of frequencies. To achieve these things in a circuit, resistive load is replaced by a parallel tuned circuit (LC), whose impedance is strongly achieved upon frequency (Transistor Tuned Amplifiers). Resonance frequency occurs when the inductor and capacitor are equal. This report will show the establishment, the point at which the frequencies of the input signal on output is produced, discuss the results, and explain the operation of the circuit.
Table 1 shows the equipments that were used in the report, while connecting them to oscilloscope, to show the changing of the waveform with changing frequencies and function generator Input signal: 100mV peak-to-peak 5k Hz to 500k Hz.
The Q factor or the Quality factor refers to the ratio of energy that is in a circuit to the energy that is lost in one cycle (Godse & Bakshi, 2010). Internal resistance of a circuit and the implementation of the magnetic field cause ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Tuner Circuit Tt Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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