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A Psychological Insight of Sigmund Freud - Article Example

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The paper "A Psychological Insight of Sigmund Freud" describes that though most of Freud's theories have always been controversial and therefore criticized and rejected but his contribution to the field of psychotherapy and to some extent psychoanalysis cannot be overlooked. …
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A Psychological Insight of Sigmund Freud
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Download file to see previous pages In some creative art movements like “Surrealism”, to a certain extent, this holds true for every art form though often not very obvious. The subconscious mind, in its wandering day-dreaming form, allows the artist to touch such deep rooted emotions which normally are restrained by social consciousness and social appropriateness. The drifting mind creates a world of its own in the deep valleys of the subconscious, allowing the mind to roam in this unreal play world and create images and imagery. This becomes the basis for many a creative endeavor. Sigmund Freud, the famous psychoanalyst and the originator of modern psychoanalysis, in his theories had subscribed to some form of this theory. This is hardly surprising as the Freudian theory is based on bringing out the subconscious thoughts of a person into consciousness and thereby making the person free from the agonies of repression and consequent distortion. As Sigmund Freud once said, “there are no indications of reality in the unconscious, so that one cannot distinguish between the truth and fiction that has been cathected with effect” (as cited in Steiner, 5).
Sigmund Freud was born in Austria on 6th May 1856 to Jewish parents. He came from a very impoverished family but worked his way up through sheer hard work, intelligence and talent. Though he started his research work related to medical studies on the life history of eels, failure in this line made him change and turn to psychology as his field of study. He later founded the psychoanalytic school of psychology and is famous for his theories on the unconscious mind and his method of treating psychological patients through psychoanalysis or dialogues between a patient and the doctor. Freud believed that the subconscious or the unconscious was an inroad to the thoughts and actions of a conscious mind and helped in understanding the latter. Dreams, as per Freud, were a method by which one can understand the complexities of the sub conscious mind.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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