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Personal Aesthetic Preferences - Essay Example

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In the paper “Personal Aesthetic Preferences” the author provides an interview with three male, Caucasian who consider themselves single. After the interviews a simple table was created with the questions in column and the respondents answers, summarized and quoted, in the consecutive three columns. …
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Personal Aesthetic Preferences
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Extract of sample "Personal Aesthetic Preferences"

Download file to see previous pages A 41 year old male Caucasian, Catholic, who was married for ten years and divorced three years ago.  He considers himself single and actively dating. He seems to prefer demur and feminine types, not buffed bodies.  Likes women shorter than himself and agrees that looks are important for the first step and then compatible characteristics follow.  Feels that a smile is the first thing that attracts him as well as a “brightness” in overall expression.  Seeks someone in the same age group generally and also likes long necks and good shoulders.  Prefers the Angelina Joilee and Uma Thurman types, which seemed physically a little contradictory, but they have similar personas which may be a factor in his ratings.  He likes a woman to dress well and believes it is reflective of her personality.  He worries about his receding hairline, but is generally pleased with his appearance. “Well, I guess I have to admit that I am mostly self conscious about loosing my hair.  I try to keep it as short and as neat as possible but I always feel a little self conscious about it.”  Is more at ease with his baldness at work than in dating situations. When in a relationship he often compares other women to his current girlfriend/wife. ANTH0002: A 22 year old male Caucasian with no religious affiliation, single currently but has had two long term relationships.  Feels that how women dress does not always reflect who they are in reality, but agrees that, “initial attraction is very important, it’s the chemistry stuff that makes a relationship work.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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