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Having more biodiversity implies the existence of many different kinds of species in one area. On the other hand, less biodiversity represents a situation where there are few kinds of species in the…
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Week 4 Discussion Questions #3 and #4
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3. Impacts of less or more Biodiversity Biodiversity may be defined as the ratio of species within a given ecosystem. Having more biodiversity implies the existence of many different kinds of species in one area. On the other hand, less biodiversity represents a situation where there are few kinds of species in the same area. In my community, both the two scenarios present certain personal impacts.
First and foremost, it is important to note that the number of species in the ecosystem of my community determines the functionality of the ecosystem. Having less biodiversity could imply certain species moving towards extinction. More biodiversity could equally cause the population of the species in the ecosystem to rise rapidly. As such, they may outweigh the primary producers making it difficult for the ecosystem to sustain them. As an individual, I feel affected either way. When the number of species is so low that they get to extinction, the future generation will not have the opportunity to experience the aesthetics of the environment. This affects me fundamentally as an environmentalist.
4. The cause of the present day extinction
Extinction is the situation whereby a certain species gets out of existence in an ecosystem. One of the major causes of the present day extinction is human encroachment into the ecosystem. This becomes apparent as the human population increases (McKinney, Schoch, & Yonavjak, 2007).
How it came about
As the human population increased at unprecedented rates, people started destroying homes of wildlife thereby making some species endangered. They equally hunted the wildlife for food hence bringing about the extinction.
To prevent the looming extinction, stringent regulations protecting the species in every ecosystem ought to have been ensured. Again, humans were to be enlightened on the importance of a sustainable ecosystems and/or ills associated with the impending extinction.
McKinney, M. L., Schoch, R. M., & Yonavjak, L. (2007). Environmental Science: Systems And
Solutions (4th ed.). Massachusetts: Jones & Bartlett Learning. Read More
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