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Aesthetics - Essay Example

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Throughout the annuals of recorded history and given consideration of prehistoric artifacts (i.e., such as cave drawings and the implementation of primitive tools), aesthetics and the arts have played a major and prominent role in the development and cultivation of not only cultural ideas, but individual statements and connotations…
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Extract of sample "Aesthetics"

Download file to see previous pages The interchangeability and kaleidoscopic dimensions of art is a forecast of profound divergences, aspects, and opinions in every realm of existence. Art is ubiquitous … it is seen everywhere and is created by everyone. Karl Marx stated in so many words that the history of the world is the history of class struggle and while this may be true to a point, the history of the world may very well be the history and development of art and the body of philosophy called aesthetics. “In short, the history of human experience is a history of the development of arts (Cohoon 2000).” Often time’s art is representative of political ideas and statements and because of these ideas and statements, art can narrowly, and at times broadly, be construed to have definition. A definition of aesthetics is a branch of philosophy concerned with the perception and quintessence of what regards artistic merit versus lack of artistic merit. Aesthetics also concerns inquiries into whether artistic qualities underlie objectively qualified definitions of a particular mode or character of what constitutes aesthetics. With respect to this topic, Philosophers ask many questions about whether a work of art is beautiful or ugly (i.e., ugly meaning that which cannot be considered having artistic value), and ultimately weight in a multitude of various interpretations of what a work of art represents. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Aesthetics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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Theater aesthetics

...away and understanding of the reader that this is expertly demonstrated within the play itself by appropriate utilization and leverage of scene design and lighting that have been affected. Another key aspect of understanding that can be garnered with respect to the aesthetics of the play in question is with regards to the wardrobe that is exhibited. Again, the clear and obvious level of understanding that this wardrobe provides is with regards to the descriptive capabilities that has in defining and differentiating the moods and thoughts that Hamlet and the other characters express on stage. Again, it would be quite sufficient if the actors of the play integrated perfectly with the script and were able to relate the...
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Philosophy Of Aesthetics

..., is the supposition being put forward. A second or corollary possibility is that art should 'matter' and the 'whys' are where aesthetic philosophy steps in. What is aesthetic philosophy Will these philosophies stand the Test of Time Aesthetic philosophy wants to explain, or cause understanding of, aesthetics. To some, aesthetics is thought to be a study of critical language, or criticism of works of art. In critiquing works of art, it is suggested that a better question than 'Is it Art' would be 'Is it important' or 'Does it matter' (Burke, et al. 1993). According to An Encyclopedia of Philosophy, "criticism, and aesthetics, involve a sort of arduous thinking that isn't usually asked of people, and is produced normally only by artists...
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...Anuja Chandramouli Aesthetics 06 June 2006 AESTHETICS INTRODUCTION In the eighteenth century there was significant development pertaining to judgments of aesthetic value. At one stage aesthetics was relegated entirely to the realm of subjectivism, but soon adherents to objectivism were up in arms against their detractors. Those belonging to the former school of thought contest that beauty lies only "in the eye of the beholder" whereas the latter claim that aesthetic characteristics exist independently of the mind. Ultimately the question is whether the aesthetic quality is subjective or objective and if it is possible to have objective standards of taste. An attempt has been made to answer this question by comparing and critically...
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Modern Aesthetics

... Modern Writing in Response to Modern Aesthetics In the late nineteenth century, the organization of social and cultural life shifted severely as a result of increased social mobility with the introduction of the middle class, technical complexity with the advent of complicated machinery, and social diversity as the result of increased colonialisation. These radical changes contributed significantly to the dissolution of the forms of ideology and belief that had sustained society throughout its earlier history. While rationalization and utilitarianism have been respected as ideas, they led to a mode of thinking in which intelligence and culture became underestimated and unappreciated (Eagleton, 1996). As a result, people were being...
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Aesthetics and Experience

...or is given a more aesthetic appearance for display on the bathroom counter. Advertising, design and materials have been constructed to suit a particular market and durability has also been taken into account. All these factors are what make this and thousands of other objects what they are. How these elements function together to appeal to the individual’s personal sense of function and appearance is what is referred to as aesthetics. This term is most often used in the art world to designate important works of art. To understand these concepts better, I applied what I have learned about aesthetics to a specific photographic print entitled ‘Smutty’. In looking at photographs or...
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...Running Head: Aesthetics Aesthetics [Institute’s Outline Particular studies focusing on aesthetics began in early 18th centuryas theorists and philosophers proposed their theories of harmony, art, music, etc. In brief, Kant proposed that inclusion of concepts and perceptions into art causes impurity in artworks, and thus, objectivity or universality is essential for purity in the artwork. Author indicated that 18th century witnessed development of wild romanticism in art and literature that enabled appreciation of a significant aesthetic notion, ‘Sublimity.’ In addition, Burke showed closer connection of sublimity with pain, rather than pleasure due to consideration of horrific and gloomy representations by artists In the year 1959, Frank...
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Digital Aesthetics

...through individuality. If beauty, most fundamentally, must be judged as an expression of truth, then the truth of the individual in the post-modern era of the early web and net art as posited by Goriunova & Shulgin is found in the digital aesthetics of the glitch. "Glitches are usually regarded as marginal. In reality, glitches can be claimed to be a manifestation of genuine software aesthetics." (Ibid., p.111) In summary, Goriunova & Shulgin claim that the glitch is representative of a larger cross-section of early online and digital art, as well as mainstream trends and innovations in performance, installation, and conceptual art. They show the same repetition of patterns in computer hacking, 8-bit...
8 Pages (2000 words) Coursework

The Role of Material Life, Language, Social Interaction and Aesthetics in Chinese Marketing

... Fielder has to customise its marketing strategies and product in order to meet the expectations and needs of their new target market. Aesthetics in China Chinese aesthetics can be found in their artefacts and other artistic materials. In this day and age, technology has contributed much to the way Chinese express themselves aesthetically (Dale, 2008). Modern Chinese aesthetics is present in literature, ordinary posters, online materials and even in electronic and print media (Braembussche, Kimmerle, and Note, 2009). Like in many other societies, urban and rural aesthetics are somewhat different (Visser, 2010). Their similarities lie in the way they try to adopt Chinese culture in whatever form. In urban areas, where people tend to be less...
6 Pages (1500 words) Essay

Reynolds idea in One Sentence: The Ise Shrine has been Transformed from a Symbol of Japanese Imperialism into a Monument to Modernist Aesthetics

... important, but they could be summed up in the phrase “modernist aesthetics”. This has connotations of minimalist beauty, using simple shapes and solid materials. I concluded that the different media that were used to communicate its meaning to different audiences, such as photography, were interesting to me as a student, but they were used as examples of how the change in the monument was communicated to others. Logically then, the most important part was not how something was communicated, but what exactly it is that was in fact communicated. I think the single main idea is the change through time from Imperialist meanings to modern, democratic meanings. I wanted to show that it was an artistic progression, and so I chose the word symbol...
1 Pages (250 words) Assignment


... that humans can reach great heights of creativity by using electronic gadgets. The use of the internet has allowed for the formation of intelligent groups of people who can achieve great heights. Thus, the internet has allowed for aesthetics from different culture to be shared easily over the internet and has provided a platform for people globally to associate with their own cultural identity. Work Cited Christian G. Allesch. Aesthetic Experience in the Age of Globalization. Dialogue and Universalism, 2003.
1 Pages (250 words) Essay

German Aesthetics

...German Aesthetics Aesthetic ideas according to Kant’s philosophy and the importance of such a concept in explaining and justifying the importance of the art. Introduction Immanuel Kant is sometimes believed to have been the utmost philosopher of the Greeks. Confidently, he dictates the last two century in the logic that, although few philosophers nowadays are sternly talking Kantians, his inspiration is everywhere. These are illustrations of the imagination that happen minus much discerning. This cannot be connected with any determinate concept. He holds that such notions are an equivalent to rational thoughts. These ideas are, as he argues, vital in clarifying how we observe works of art, as they facilitate between cogent ideas...
5 Pages (1250 words) Essay

Islamic aesthetics

...and knowledge of tradition in different ways through their art. The underlying claim is that one can see the expression of Islamic culture and tradition in Islamic art and that they are not mere decorative pieces. In fact, as a result of this heavy dependence on tradition, the Islamic world failed to analyze its own arts and aesthetic approaches, and even when tried, the studies were descriptive, not analytical or conceptual. In order to support this claim, the scholar points out the fact that until early twentieth century, there was no effort to document Turkish architecture and its history. Though the Orientalists tried to understand the cultural meaning of Islamic aesthetics and art, the effort was...
4 Pages (1000 words) Essay

Killing Torture Idealism: Logos in Intuition and Pathos in Counter-Aesthetics of Torture

... Empiric” and “The Counter-Aesthetics of Torture” because they can show that torture is ineffective in generating truthful confessions, and that it is dehumanizing, not only to the tortured and torturers, but to the general public who condones it. The “Ancient Empiric” or “Intuition” of Tortured Confession is effective because it appeals to human logic regarding the ineffectiveness of torture in generating valid confessions. It asserts that torture may get the fastest confession from tortured individuals, but this confession may not necessarily be true or accurate. “Intuition” means that people will say anything to stop the torture. Indeed, if surveyed people themselves experience torture, what would they do? Their intuitive response...
2 Pages (500 words) Essay


...Aesthetics INTRODUCTION Arthur Danto definition of art may be defined as a work of artas one that has a subject, has style and projects a point of view by means of rhetorical ellipsis that engages the audience participation to fill what is missing and the work in question and the interpretations require an art historical context (Adajian, 2007). The above definition is enhanced and modified by George Dickie who defines art work as artificact which has had conferred on it the status of candidate for appreciation by some person or persons acting in behalf of a certain social institution otherwise referred as the artworld (Dickie, 1995) In todays society speaking of art brings to mind the various genres of art. It’s no longer just about...
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Aesthetics of Art Nature

... since early 1990s. These have been developed from the already existing art works. This has led to the advancement in artistic advertising which has seen many businesses develop strong markets (Bourriaud Nicolas 2005 pp. 29-32). Aesthetics can be described simply as the foundation of beauty. It entails the scenery and significance of the arts as well as the reactions to natural things that are referred to as beautiful or ugly. While trying to describe the beauty or ugliness of a particular object, trouble arises due to the indistinctness in application of the two terms. They are normally too prejudiced in their implication to separate the objects effectively into those objects that demonstrate them, and the ones that do not. Nearly...
27 Pages (6750 words) Essay

Can the Anthropology of Art Be the Same Thing as the Anthropology of Aesthetics

...of anthropology also determines the inability to get the aesthetics as a basis for Western philosophy. Defining the Anthropology of Art The first question which arises when examining art from an anthropological point of view is based on what the meaning and definition of the art is. When looking at the definitions, there are specific associations with what should be studied, how the artwork is to be examined and what the meaning is of various pieces. If the anthropological study is based on cultural and societal aspects, then this will determine the interpretation of the art. This will show beliefs, techniques, traditions and systems which were used to develop a specific piece of art. The ideal of social...
11 Pages (2750 words) Term Paper

How Religion and Culture Intersect in the Realm of Aesthetics

..., consequently, this event influences the manner in which the subject will be perceived and valued. Irrespective of the object in question, anesthetists aim to gain insight on the positive and negative implications of the subjects. Since aesthetics form an enormous philosophical subject, it additionally forms a base of argument by religious theists on aspects, such as the existence of beauty on a non-godly universe. The philosophical manner of perception is what is thought to drive God’s lust. In reality, there is provision for anxieties, ambitions, fears, dreams, and hope, which are perceived to be provided by God. However, God is perceived to be self-inventing or making, and this realm offers the conceit of subjection...
2 Pages (500 words) Book Report/Review

Culture and Philosophy: Aesthetics - the Beautiful and the Sublime

..., feelings, thoughts and ideas are expressed and communicated to the world at large. Artists communicate through their works or pieces of art. These include literature, poetry, music, film/cinema, carvings and drawings. Aesthetics therefore explain to us what the artist desired the recipient of that piece of art to think, feel, experience or conclude (Roald and White 176-189) Discussion There are various categories of aesthetics, all of which have different effects and outcomes. For instance, we have the beautiful, the sublime and the ugly or horrible. In this paper, however, it is the beautiful and the sublime that will be discussed in detail. The best way to kick off the discussion is by looking at the simple definitions given...
7 Pages (1750 words) Literature review
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