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Between Art and Architecture in The Landscape - Essay Example

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It is the main concern of the following paper to identify the differences which are held between art and architecture. As contemporary definitions are blurring the lines of both mediums, there are also direct and distinct characteristics between both. …
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Between Art and Architecture in The Landscape
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Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that expressions that are in architecture are distinguished by the works of various architects, movements of different time frames and approaches to creating the buildings. There are distinguishing characteristics associated with the different architectural structures and landscapes, specifically which are based on the approaches which the architects take. A feature which is considers in terms of architecture is based on the artistic influences that are portrayed in each of the buildings. While architectural pieces may be considered as artistic, there are several artistic structures that do not represent architecture. Identifying and defining the differentiation as well as the approaches of various artists and the aesthetics of architecture then creates a defined meaning of what is associated with various movements. Even with the use of experimentation of mediums and the expectation of using art as architecture, are still specialized aspects that show there are alternatives that are created from both mediums. This is developing controversial aspects to the artists and architects as well as how the use of both mediums is able to develop distinctions between both categories. Identifying the spatial differences, crafting alterations and the approaches and ideologies which are taken by different architects is also able to create a different approach to how the architects and artists remain as distinct categories that are able to develop alternative movements and experimentation based on the individual mediums. Defining Contemporary Art and Architecture The concept of art and architecture has traditionally been associated with two different mediums based on the aesthetics and functionality of the pieces. Architecture implies a building or other area which is used for lifestyle needs or which is based on creating what is known as a spatial practice. The artistic works imply an expression an aesthetically valuable approach that is able to convey a message or meaning that is more critical in nature. The combination of both is known as a critical spatial practice and is now regarded as intertwining between both mediums. This consists of site specific art and public art, urban interventions, conceptual designs and collaborative groups which are developing hybrid approaches to the artistic and architectural endeavors within a spatial area. The changing meaning of art and architecture is one which has altered specifically because of implications based on the developments between each medium (Rendell, 2006: 3). The similarities and differences with contemporary art and architecture as well as the blurred lines which have been created have furthered into changing characteristics of what identifies art and architecture. The identification is one which is no longer based on the functionality and images that are approached as well as the use of space or context that comes from either art or architecture. The combination of both has led into a different visual reasoning of the work. Conceptual ideas as well as figurative approaches are both being used with art and architecture to show a shift in the perspectives of what both mediums relate to. The change is one which is no longer identifying and defining the rules and regulations which were approached in terms of visual designs and the systems which were before required for art and architecture. Instead, there is a direct link to the visual landscape that crosses in terms of art and architecture as the same approach to structure (Goldschmidt, 2003: 158). Social and Cultural Changes in Architecture The movement into art and architecture as interchangeable and as a hybrid concept has not only ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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