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In the paper “Social Identification” the author describes a perception of oneness with a group of persons; individuals classify themselves according to race, gender, profession. A person who shares traits and values similar to a particular group will identify himself or herself as belonging to it…
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Social Identification
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A teacher can also be a parent, spouse, and member of the local church committee. A person’s social identity is complex and multifaceted with each person belonging to any number of broad groups with which they share general characteristics (race, gender, profession, etc.) and a few small groups with which they share specific characteristics (local club members, PTA’s, etc.)
Perception of self or self-esteem is built around personal identity (an individual’s realization of his or her attractiveness, interest, and abilities) and social identity.
Accordingly, a person identifying himself/herself with a particular group automatically assumes the prestige of that group. For example, a black female will automatically assume that she is socially disadvantaged, or a white male may assume superiority above females, etc.
In group
In order to belong to a group individuals assign certain values and traits to different groups. They then identify themselves with the group that has traits similar to their own this is known as the in a group. Similarly, individuals differentiate themselves from other groups which have different values and traits, these are the out-groups. When a person is aware of the difference in out-group he/she tends to ‘stick together’ or favor the in a group.
4. Bibliography
Ashforth, B., & Mael, F. (1989). Social identity theory and the organization. Academy of Management Review, 14(1), 20-39 Read More
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