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This paper tells about a 9-year-old girl Emily who was referred to child psychologist by social services for psychological assessment and management following consistent periods of school truancy. psychological assessment and management following consistent periods of school truancy…
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Critical Analysis of a Case Study- Clinical Psychology
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Download file to see previous pages  In addition, the child must have responded to these events with helplessness, fear or horror. The traumatic event can occur in any form of physical, sexual assault, natural disasters, emotional neglect or abuse or also the traumatic death of a loved one (Perry, 2002). Lack of social or proper parental support, preexisting psychiatric disorder, repeated trauma, and trauma caused unexpectedly by a parent or caregiver- all these factors increase the chances of development of PTSD. Another important cause for PTSD is parental reactions. Anxiety and inability to cope up with situations in life affect the child's ability to counteract stressors. Dissociation at the time of trauma also contributes to PTSD (Lubit, 2008).
In case of Emily, there was the previous history of stress and trauma. The parents were involved in along acrimonious legal battle before being divorced when Emily was 4 years of age. Even after the divorce, Emily could not meet her father properly. She suffered sexual assault at a very tender age. Her father died in a car accident and she was allowed to attend his funeral. Emily did not have good parental support. Her mother herself had so many problems that she probably could not put in much time for the children. All these factors have contributed to the development of PTSD in Emily.
Research has shown that PTSD is linked to the reactivity of hypothalamic-pituitary axis. It can be genetically predisposed. This condition arises from the maladaptive persistence of appropriate and adaptive responses that occurred during the stressful event. Normally, these responses should go away over a period of time and the child realizes that the stressful event is gone. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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