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Children and Divorce - Essay Example

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The writer of this essay suggests that overall impact of a divorce on children is largely negative and can influence them in many ways concerning their well-being. Thus, this paper investigates the impact of the parents' divorce on the children development and emotional state…
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Children and Divorce
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Extract of sample "Children and Divorce"

Download file to see previous pages The ideas concerning divorce have gone through tremendous change overtime yet it seems strange that certain myths about divorces and their impact on children continue to exist even though the reality may be quite the opposite. Contemporary viewpoints about divorce and children who come from families that have undergone a divorce show us that in many ways, a divorce between the parents is not the worst thing that can happen to a child. “Many children go through their parents’ divorce with relatively few problems or permanent negative effects”. This is because it may be healthier for a child to live in a violence and hostility free environment rather than a house which is filled with anxiety and abuse.

However, there is a large body of evidence which shows that divorce has a negative impact on children. It is noted by that the idea of a strong and supportive family structure is important for the human psyche. The notion of family in some form or the other has been present in almost all societies that evolved to develop structures for managing social groups. Of course, there have been differences in how families are arranged; the idea of a mother, a father and other members of the family has remained strong in many different cultures. Even the ancient Asian thinkers such as Confucius and Hsun Tzu noted the importance of having a supportive family. When this supportive family is taken away from a child, the natural result may be anxiety, anger, depression and even a sense of worthlessness. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Children and Divorce Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 Words.
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