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Blink - The Power Of Intuition - Essay Example

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The essay "Blink - The Power Of Intuition" analyzes the book "Blink" in which Malcolm Gladwell, through his theory of ‘thin slicing’, has tried to describe the intuition, the ability of the mind to perceive and understand those things or events, that are difficult to explain…
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Blink - The Power Of Intuition
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Download file to see previous pages ‘Thin Slicing’ is nothing but the ability of our unconscious mind to reach a decision or a conclusion in seconds, based on the mental patterns that are created by our mind. Without the help of the large computer like unconscious mind, it is not possible to have that ability.
However, the question is, are these snap judgments and the ‘gut feelings’, as they are known popularly, reliable? And if they are, to what extent can we rely on them? Gladwell has given many examples and has studied various aspects of life to understand how we can improve this ability so that it serves the best of our interest. Gladwell has given different factors where these split-second decisions are reliable and where they are not reliable. Let us look at it one by one.
In the year 1983, the museum of J.Paul Getty got a visitor who wanted to sell the marble statue from the sixth century BC. The museum, after some investigation, decided to buy it, to realize later that it was actually a fake. In 1986, when it went on display, artist Zero and Greek sculptor expert Evelyn Harrison visited the museum, and something instantly told them that it was not. But what Gladwell was interested in knowing is why this snap judgment or the ‘feeling’ did not work with the Museum experts? The answer, he found out was the desire to be famous. The museum was young and they were desperately in need of some invaluable art piece which will help them to get recognition (Gladwell, Page 14). People have the ego and the desires that lead them to ignore their gut feelings. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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