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Silver Spring Monkeys Animal Abuse - Essay Example

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The Silver Springs Monkeys were macaque monkeys of the Institute of Behavioral Research in Silver Spring, Maryland.that were severely mistreated in the laboratory. The treatment of the animals was inhumane.First, the sensory nerves of the monkeys were cut off so that they could no longer feel parts, or even the whole, of their body. …
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Silver Spring Monkeys Animal Abuse
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Download file to see previous pages Animals have rights. They feel pain. They suffer from maltreatment. Many of us know this as true, because it is a fact that humans are also animals, and because there is a strong bond existing between many humans and animals. I have experienced such a bond through my pets, and therefore know it as true. Like us, these animals have rights that have to be protected. It is a fact that these animals have intelligence, perhaps not as high as ours, but they are still capable of thinking. It is proven that some animals have minds equal to our own children that are only a few years old.
It is sometimes argued that these animals do not have rights because they do not have souls, since from a religious context, the Bible states that man has dominion over the animals. However, we must take note that many bloody massacres happened in the past, especially in wars, and these were also justified using the same line of thinking and using the Bible as an excuse. It is easy to use a holy book to justify an evil act. It is not that the book is evil, but the man who is taking advantage and twisting the truth. The same is true here. I believe that from a religious perspective we are given dominion over these animals not to abuse them, but to take care of them.
Just because these animals don’t speak the same language as ours doesn’t mean that they can’t think. It is said that consciousness is a result of language. For me, animals do have language, but in a much simpler form. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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