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Physiological and Psychological Effects of Stress: Case Study - Essay Example

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This case study “Physiological and Psychological Effects of Stress: Case Study” is based on Lisa from the given scenario. There are many sources of stress in her life, and it is plausible that these are affecting her emotional and psychological well-being…
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Physiological and Psychological Effects of Stress: Case Study
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Download file to see previous pages Her concern about her son’s possibly having fallen into the wrong company, and her inability to do anything more for him because she already has her hands full in trying to make a living for herself and for her two children, since her mother and the rest of the extended family are having problems of their own, and are unable to offer any support to Lisa either in terms of material assistance or in terms of emotional support;
 Her anxiety about her daughter Daisy, who is not exhibiting positive signs of regular development. Since she is withdrawn, socially isolated and seems to be behind the rest of her class in terms of communication skills, it is possible that she may be suffering from autism or a learning or communication disability.
 According to Russell (2005), stress affects an individual in two significant ways—physiological, and psychological. The causes of stress are known as stressors (Russell 2005, p. 126). Stressors can affect an individual in either or both of the following ways:
 Her stress levels may also impact her own work as a healthcare provider, which could have repercussions in a larger sense because she would not be able to cater to the requirements of the patients she is to care for, and she may unknowingly cause harm to one or more of them through misdiagnosis or faulty medication;
 As Russell (2005) observes, “stressors may be categorized as either internal (individual) or external (environmental)” (p. 127). Consequently, Lisa is being assaulted by the effects of stress at a personal as well as sociological level. Her problems are personal (her children’s problems, her loneliness, etc) as well as sociological (poverty). In terms of her external problems, stress may be seen as “something then happens to an individual rather than within them” (Russell 2005, p. 127). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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