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Absent Voices - Essay Example

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Society Guardian is a UK based online Journal which contains on its home page, an article titled Absent Voices. Centered closely to the middle of the page is the article That focuses on the challenges faced by people of mixed race. …
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Absent Voices
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Extract of sample "Absent Voices"

Download file to see previous pages Below the heading and first paragraph is a photo of Laura Smith, a young woman of mixed race(presumably Black and Caucasian). She describes the difficulty in identifying with either race and also how government fails to recognize this growing minority of citizens. The text is formatted in a plain font, and a simple color photo (head shot) of Laura is provided. The home page stands out a bit with its use of small but vibrant blocks of color in the left column beside the article. The small blocks of color draw attention to the page without overwhelming the reader. The article uses very personal experiences of Smith to humanize the subject matter and make it a bit more real. Not only do Laura’s experiences explain more vividly the challenges that those of mixed race face, they also relate to a variety of audiences on a personal level. Most of us have been taunted, jeered at, or have been called some sort of derogatory name during our childhood. Though we may not have experienced the same level of emotional Hurt that Laura has, we can with certainty relate to the emotions that are felt with such occurrences. Smith’s experiences are discussed prior to the presentation of fact and figures that state how many citizens of mixed race reside in Britain according to the last national Census., Smith believes that those of mixed race are portrayed and used in the media to represent the black population, yet in a way that seems watered down or “exotic”(Smith, 1). Laura Smith sees this as an appeal to both white and black races without offending either one. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Absent Voices Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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