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Outline of Postive Psychology - Essay Example

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Second advantage is being able to achieve reliable and valid assessment instruments thereby expanding the research into a more comprehensive classification system of humans strengths…
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Outline of Postive Psychology
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Extract of sample "Outline of Postive Psychology"

Download file to see previous pages I. With the number of types of mental illness, standards use to assess the levels of functioning in human beings was established.
A. The diagnostic systems of identifying types of mental illness were formed as a start of curing mental illness.
i. Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental illness (4th Ed.) has helped medical professionals in identifying and curing mental illness.
ii. A disease model stating that any mental illness is a distinct deviation from normality is also used.
B. Depression and/or anxiety was identified to be a cause of mental illness.
i. Psychological problems are based on normal human experiences that are uncontrolled.
ii. Psychological problems are also the ineffective patterns of living.
C. Creation of victim mentality cause untoward results in the disease model.
i. Psychology viewed people as victims of unconscious drives, innate, needs, families and even the environment.
ii. People were then thought to have dysfunctional families because they are depressed.

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Outline of Postive Psychology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words - 1.
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