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Counselling Psychology - Essay Example

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A clinical psychologist studies and uses psychology as a science. His aims are to understand and mitigate cases of psychological distress. He also aims to enhance the wellbeing of the individual and to aid his personal development. A clinical psychologist can involve himself in a myriad of activities…
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Counselling Psychology
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Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, a counselling psychologist engages himself in face to face interactions with the patient or client. The aim is to enhance the personal and interpersonal competency of the individual.
Terence M. Keane is a psychologist at the University of Boston. He also directs he department behavioural science. This is at the National Centre for Posttraumatic Disorder. That is why the veterans Administration office in Boston sought his services. It was observed that those soldiers who fought in the Vietnam War and other wars that America has been engaged in were seen to be suffering from posttraumatic disorders (Catell, 2008). This occurs in the case of the prisoners who had been exposed to extreme events. These events include torture, interrogation and other psychological sufferings that prisoners of war undergo. Terence was called in to counsel these veterans and try to treat them.
The concept that Terence used to counsel the veterans is, amongst others, prolonged exposure therapy. This type of therapy can be seen as having been developed along the lines of Freud's theories on psychoanalytic therapy (Marston, 2007). Here, the patient is encouraged to relive the traumatizing event. The reason why Terence found this to be relevant to his situation was the fact that the veterans were suffering because they had undergone a traumatizing event. ...
Counselling psychology involves one-on-one therapies between the patient and the counselling psychologist. That is what Terence was doing. He engaged in one-on-one sessions with his patients, the former prisoners of war. He will encourage the veteran to recall the traumatic experience. The aim is to bring the traumatic memory from the subconscious part of the brain to the conscious part (Catell, 2008). This is the only way that the trauma can be dealt with. This was done in a controlled manner. Terence would ask his client to recall the event that is most disturbing to his mind. The events included physical and psychological abuse. Post traumatic disorder was experienced when the veterans started recalling those episodes and this will lead to nightmares and anxiety (Marston, 2007). Terence, using this technique, made the veterans to regain control of their thoughts. This was together with feelings associated with the event. Terence did this repeatedly.
Assessment of Terence's Input
Counselling of the veterans was meant to make them deal effectively with their experiences in the prisoner of war camps. This was how the effectiveness of Terence's work was assessed. It was assessed by the degree to which the patient was able to readjust to the current life situation out of the war. The veterans would be deemed successfully counselled if they were able to look at their trauma realistically (Catell, 2008). They were able to do some things that they were avoiding. This is because those things reminded them of the trauma. For example, some will avoid locking themselves up in a room alone. This is because it reminded them of the isolation situation that they were exposed to at the camps.
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