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How can health psychologists help people to improve their health - Essay Example

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The essay examines the crucial work performed by the health psychologists for the prevention of disease and disorder and education of physicians, nurses and the community men and women. It presents the contribution of health psychologists with reference to the psychological models…
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How can health psychologists help people to improve their health
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Extract of sample "How can health psychologists help people to improve their health"

Download file to see previous pages The research paper “How can health psychologists help people to improve their health?” highlights the importance and the increasing role of health psychologists in treatment of disorder conditions. Human health behavior is affected by the psychological features therefore identification, study and positive control of these psychological features can promote mental and physical well-being. As we know, for example, in diabetes the psychological features may influence metabolic control either directly (neurohormonal mechanisms) or indirectly (motivation, self-care practices). The psychologists play an important role in the prevention, management and treatment of many of the disease and disorder conditions including, Chronic Mental Illness (CMI), diabetes, cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, health psychologists aim at educating health professionals like doctors and nurses in communicating with patients in a way that highlights the biopsychosocial factors contributing to disease and therefore helps them develop an appropriate treatment. Recent years have seen the development of many theoretical psychological models which are used to analyze health behavior. While playing their delineated roles in the psychological models, health psychologists make an important contribution in the improvement of the health of the patients. There is no reason to doubt the psychology that works and benefits the patients in health care system. As we know, that science never claims absolute knowledge. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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