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Children Self-Description - Essay Example

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Every person is different when it comes to self-description. Others simply described their selves in terms of physical aspect, others include their character, personal traits whether good or bad, hobbies, likes and dislike etc. Self-description is important because it is where you can know a person better…
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Children Self-Description
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Download file to see previous pages Younger children tend to describe their selves more on physical activity and physical characteristics maybe because they are more aware on their physical appearance and they are more exposed to an environment of physical acti9vity like playing different kinds of pay unlike the older children they are starting to mature. However, before we can understand why children are different in descr5ibing their selves regarding their age, we should first know what is the meaning of self-description or self-concept And what is its relevance to us.
Based on the article of children: personal and social adjustment, self-concept refer to a persons ideas about his or her own physical and mental skill, personality and other characteristics. Self-esteem is the part of self -concept that deals with positive or negative feelings about one's competence and value as a person.
The participants of the interview were both children but of different ages. Malini is a seven-year-old Indian and Malaysian girl. She likes playing football with Matthew. She also likes doing work because it is nice to learn things. Her hobby is badges, reading, and making models of cartoon characters.
The other participant is James a thirteen-year-old boy who en...
She likes playing football with Matthew. She also likes doing work because it is nice to learn things. Her hobby is badges, reading, and making models of cartoon characters.
The other participant is James a thirteen-year-old boy who enjoys playing sport, in particular cricket, tennis and hockey. He likes to relax with a good fantasy or sci-fi book or listen to some quite and classical music. He tend to take life as it comes rather than plan ahead as what his teacher keeps on telling him. He tends to be happy but sometimes he gets frustrated with his teachers and parents and get depressed. He would like to become a journalist, or perhaps a cricketer.

Self-concept varies with age. Younger children's self-descriptions focus more on their physical appearance, possessions, typical activities or skills. Their self-esteem is high that able them to explore more on different things without any hesitations. They often compare their selves to others. Life Malini's self-description from it tackles more on her physical appearance and inner world was not included in their self-description. A younger child like Malini doesn't give more emphasis on their perceptions in life. They are not sure what they want in the future.
Children's self-description middle childhoods are more expanded. It includes social comparisons, character traits and emotions are starting to be effective. As children move to adolescence, their self-concept is more expanded and accurate. Their self-perceptions are becoming realistic and they tend to have future plans. Their description on their physical appearance is not so evident. They focus more on their character traits and inner ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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