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Learning Support System - Assignment Example

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a. LSS branch office- LSS currently has eight branch offices. This role interacts closely with the Parent and the LSS head office roles and performs such use cases as "Process Assessment" and "Pick Up Leads".
1. A use case enables a systems developer to capture the functional requirements of systems…
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Learning Support System
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Extract of sample "Learning Support System"

Download file to see previous pages 3. Pay for goods
f. Sell Learning Package
1. Book appointment with parent
2. Assess child's needs
3. Work out starting level on the learning program
4. Fill order form with parent
g. Order Learning Material
1. Receive information about LSS services
2. Send interest form to LSS branch office
3. Book appointment with consultant
4. Fill order form
5. Pay for learning package
6. Receive learning package
h. Administer Stage Test
1. Send assessment request to LSS
2. Receive stage test
3. Supervise stage test
4. Send test for marking
i. Study
1. Study video and workbook
2. Do stage exam
3. Advance to next stage on passing
Alternative: Last stage of level
3a. Advance to the next level if current stage is the last stage in the current level
Alternative: Last stage of last level
3a. Finish learning program
j. Manage Sales and Stock
1. Record customer details, where leads come from, consultant who made the sale and child's progress
2. Update stock level
3. Re-order automatically if reorder level is reached
iii) For Process Assessment the primary scenario would be
1. Receive request for assessment by phone or by Assessment Request Form from parents
2. Send stage test
3. Receive and mark test
4. Send letter of congratulations and stage certificate
The secondary scenario would be:
1. Receive request for assessment by phone or by Assessment Request Form from parents
2. Send stage test
3. Receive and mark test
4. Send letter of congratulations and stage certificate Also send level certificate along with a request for consultant to visit family if this is the last stage of a level.
1. A use case enables a systems developer to capture the functional requirements of systems. It does this by providing one of more scenarios that map to how the users interact with...
It provides a divide-and-conquer approach to requirements analysis since the developer can focus on one part of a system at a time. A use case meets a specific business goal and thus the use case allows the developer to analyze requirement, one business goal at a time. An example is the use case "Buy Learning Materials". This use case spells out clearly the steps a Parent role takes to acquire learning materials for a Child role. Therefore, a use case provides a clear direction to a system developer.
A use case is reusable because of the rich view it provides. A use case will therefore help systems developer not only during requirements gathering but also as a guideline during development. It can also form the basis of systems documentation much latter. The use case diagram for LSS above reveals the different components of the system under development allowing the systems developer to develop the system in a modular manner. He can start with the use cases that are considered more urgent/important by the users.
Use cases provide alternative scenarios thus enabling a systems developer to accommodate many behaviors of a system. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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