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Communism is said to promote equality in ownership of property and factors of production within a society. It is a political and socioeconomic ideology that promotes a classless society. No one is supposed to be rich or poor and the factors of production are controlled by one entity which is the government…
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The Genius of Communism
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Download file to see previous pages According to him, communism would follow the second last stage which is socialism that would lead to a revolution by the proletariats in strongly refuting capitalism. According to Karl Marx, a society will practice communism if decisions on what to produce and the policies to promote the economy are made by everyone within the society. This means that a society is fully considered to practice pure communism if it has no class, state and there are free operations for every citizens (Karl Marx, 2001, pp. 120-140).
Communism is not only considered to be part of the political entity but it is also seen as part of socialism and economics. The decision making process regarding the factors of production really affect the economic status of a country. When critically examined, communism is a solution to some problems brought about by practising capitalism. According to Marx, communism is the only way to solve the problems faced by proletariats who are the main producers within a society. Proletariats are the working class individuals who are considered to produce the largest amount of wealth within a society according to Marx. To stop their exploitation by the bourgeoisies who are the holders of the factors of production, a society needs to practise communism. The bourgeoisies are the main holders of the capital. The practise of communism will also reduce the racial segregation because it leans more in favour of the egalitarian concept. A country will be considered as a communist state if it ruled by one political party. It does not appreciate the works of democracy at all (Karl Marx, 2002, pp. 23-235).

Marxist Manifesto
The main agenda of Marx and other communist theorists like Engels had a plan to end capitalism by promoting the works of communism. According to Marx, communism promotes full freedom to humanity unlike capitalism that only promotes alienation within a society due to class formation. Communism looks at the agent; it refers to the proletariats or the working group of people. The obstacles are considered to be the divisions due to different classes, inequality in economic distributions, and unequal chances in life. The goals of communism are to ensure that human needs are fulfilled thus satisfaction at the work place and equal share of the profits or products. Communism is believed to allow people to practise and do what they want. More so, it conditions people not to have the urge to exploit each other (Karl Marx, 2002, pp. 23-235).

According to Karl Marx, communism mainly evolved due to the unequal distribution of the factors of production. He believes that a time will come when the proletariats will win and a communist society will prevail. This means that there will be revolutions that will be against the social classes formed within a society and private ownership of property will slowly come to an end. Thus the factors of production will slowly belong to the community as a whole and not to one particular individual. According to his description of communism, an individual gives to the society according to his or her capabilities and there are no limitations of what one can engage in. According to his theory, the proletariats will form revolutions to fight for communism (Karl Marx, 2001, pp. 120-140).

Why communism failed
The Soviet Union is highly looked at when it comes to studying communism as it is known to appreciate the works of Karl Marx in promoting communism. Accord ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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