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Current Issue - Term Paper Example

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Slums are usually formed as a result of urban settlement on a small amount of land. Slums are areas where people residing hardly make a proper living. Moreover, people in slums stand in queue to attain…
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Current Issue Paper
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Download file to see previous pages Although slums had became common by the end of 20th century and dominated a major part of United states Of America and European society ,evolution of slums had taken place in New York City.
History says that Five Points slum area was initially a lake namely Collect. Soon slaughtered waist and garbage started to dispose off at the location of the lake Collect. As the hot summer poured in during the ages of 1800’s, the lake with all sorts of garbage had gone dry with no sign of sanitation taken into account. That was the time when the first slum namely Five Points slum started to originate on that location. People from different nationalities who thought New York City as the key to opportunities and had migrated to the city, had to accommodate at the Five Points slum (Moreno 32).
In Europe, slums had gone common by the ages of 1920’s during the Victorian period. Charles Dickens, one of the greatest novelist and realistic writer, defined slum as low and an area of bad housing system. According to a census held in 1920, there were 25,000 slums present only in America (Rogers 33).
With the increasing number of slums in any country, economy is deeply affected. At one hand, many political powers seek measures to demolish or upgrade slums for their political interest. These political powers encourage the migration of individuals and families from rural areas to urban areas in order to secure their voting blocks.
On the other hand, slums cover major of the population in many countries. In order to strengthen a nation economically, slums need sincere attention. The residents of the slums should be offered rights just like any other citizen. Their life styles and lives should be modified not for personal means. Economy can never prosper when slums and people in slums exist. The influential business tycoons also seek to conquer this small urban settlement area for their personal means and not for the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Current Issue Paper Term Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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