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City of God(Meirelles, 2002) - Research Paper Example

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City of God by Fernando Meirelles is a sweeping tale that shows how crime negatively affects Rio de Janeiro’s poor population. It was screened at Cannes Film Festival 2002, but it is set in a Brazilian slum, City of God…
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City of God(Meirelles, 2002)
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Download file to see previous pages City of God by Fernando Meirelles is a sweeping tale that shows how crime negatively affects Rio de Janeiro’s poor population. It was screened at Cannes Film Festival 2002, but it is set in a Brazilian slum, City of God. He is a young boy who manages, in a way, to stay out of the gang, and yet he follows and knows everything that is happening in the gang. The main focus of this narrative is on Cabeleira, the founder of Tender Trio gang. Together with his best friend, (Philippe Haagensen) Bene, they become the lords of crime for over a decade. The death of Bene before his retirement makes Lil’Ze attempt to take his arc enemy, (Matheus Nachtergaele) Sandro Cenoura, for an outing. However, Sandro and another youngster called mane make an alliance, where they start fighting Lil’ Ze, in yet another gang war. Amateur photographer, (Aleixandre Rodrigues) Buscape, takes the brutal crime war pictures, making their story very popular (Meirelles 14). This narrative can be likened to slum dog who becomes a millionaire (Smith 21). In this narrative, a slum orphan faces brutal accusations after winning 20 million rupees, since people could not believe that a slum dweller could ever become a millionaire. Accused of being desperate and cheating in an attempt to prove that he was innocent, an orphan, eighteen years old, from Mumbai slums, he recalls his tumulus life when he was competing in India in an attempt to win twenty million rupees, in the movie, who wants to be a millionaire competition in Boyle’s Danny inspirational drama. ...
Li’l Ze prospers and becomes the lord of the city. He causes fear and violence as he mercilessly wipes out gangs that are rivals. Bene, his best friend keeps him on sanity’s good side. Rocket has seen them get power for years but he does not want to engage himself in any part of it. However, he is constantly swept up by this madness and therefore takes all the pictures. Things are beyond control in the 1980s, between the only two remaining gangs. Two boys grow together in the same neighborhood but decide to take different life paths (Anonymous 2). The tale is told via Buscape’s eyes, young son of a poor fisherman who aspires to be a photographer in the future. The story tells about corruption and violence in the slum, and ups and downs of Li’l Ze. With increased street wars, Buscape tries to find a way to get out of this violent life by exposing the world’s brutality through his pictures. Movie Analysis/ Review Meirelles had the best intentions in mind when making his famous movie, City of God. Smith (36) says that there are two relevant things in a cinema that each film maker should serious focus on. These are other peoples’ reaction to the film and his intentions. The City of God is a masterpiece that brings the makers intentions (Salis 37). The director’s intentions should affect the audience at first sight, by trying to picture out what the director wants to achieve, and what the film will actually achieve at last. There is doubt that Meirelles’ had very positive intentions in this movie and the efforts and passion he puts into this movie is highly recommendable. Unfortunately, cinemas only judge the final results, which is of course when considering films’ lost fragments, and cut of greed among others. City of God is a full ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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