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USA-Census 2010 - Essay Example

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This is mandated by the United States Constitution, with the previous census undertaken in the year 2000. The fundamental purpose of the 2010 Census is to collect data so that the US House of Representatives can…
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USA-Census 2010
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"USA-Census 2010"

Download file to see previous pages es have added new sets of questions such as nativity and industry as well as questions about occupations, military service, income, education and other important information. And so, besides its original mandate of providing data to be used in congressional apportionment and redistricting, it now collects information for organizations and individuals who make decisions and policies in a wide range of issues. These issues are usually about matters of public relevance including health and education, transportation planning, housing, community service, welfare, economic strategies, among others.
The US Census Bureau’s website displays the questions in the 2010 Census form. If it would not be modified, the form would be considered the shortest in the Census history. (The Census Form 2010) It would not use the previous forms and, instead, only 10 questions will be asked. These would include the person’s name, background, house, family and ethnicity. The census form will be sent through mail to be returned once it is filled.
The 2010 Census is important for several reasons. Again, it determines the correct representation of Americans in the House of Representatives especially in the coming 2012 elections. Then, the data collected would also help the government allocate the $400 billion dollars of federal funding released each year. (Groves 2010) Because of the Census, this fund is going to be appropriately allocated on infrastructure (i.e. roads, bridges), welfare services (i.e. hospitals, job training centers, schools, senior centers), as well as other emergency services.
Participation in the 2010 Census is vital to the US national interest. The US government would not be able to function well because the outdated Census information would make it difficult to: 1) fund projects that are most needed; and, 2) support community decisions about their own future. This is the reason why taking the census is mandatory. Section 6 of the Census Act provides that, “each ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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USA-Census 2010 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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