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Peruse the Census Bureau - Essay Example

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Name: Tutor: Institution: Subject code: The Census Bureau Introduction Census is the official, typically periodic enumeration of a population, frequently including the compilation of related, demographic information. It can also be defined as a periodic measure of the population, whether people or animals, within a region…
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Peruse the Census Bureau
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Download file to see previous pages It is always carried out by the United States Census Bureau. It is the function of the census Bureau to collect economic and demographic data. The US census Bureau is a portion of the U.S. Department of Commerce. Without the census, the count of persons living in the .U.S. may not be known. Census also offers the states the representatives’ number. Many federal, states, local and tribal governments, use census data to: Make a decision on the location of public facilities and new housing; examine the states, USA and communities’ demographic characteristics. They are also used to plan roadways and systems of transportation, to make a decision on quotas and police creation, and fire grounds, and create confined areas for schools, utilities and elections. The 2010 census One of the critiques was that when the results were being released, a majority number of people were had more interests in mistletoe and eggnog. The general interest for the census of 2010 had fallen flat since the revealing of the number. An illustration of that is this graph ( Furthermore, the 2010 census cost the U.S. taxpayers an enormous $14.5, 325% more than the census of 2000. As a way of justifying this expense, the organizers of the census assembled their best PR abilities to over-communicate their accomplishments along the way. From a standpoint of data collection, the whole process reeks of old methodologies and technologies that are out of date. In my opinion, they should not be sending snail mail to complete basic questionnaires during this digital age. With more than 80% penetration of the internet, administrators of census could have made use of methodologies of internet collection that are advanced so as to omit some of the cost structure. For sure, there is a need to ascertain that the census is carried out for the entire U.S. household, but this would also have been achieved by use of advanced methodologies. Should they have done so, the data gathered could have been a lot more vigorous. By doing so, the size and space restrictions that are associated with print questionnaires would not have been there. The site also missed the whole point, that it is not about the count of questions that are in the questionnaire form, but relatively how easy and quick the form is to be completed. The site boasted that what they had was historically the shortest form, with a measure of 10 questions in 10 minutes. In my opinion, having an intuitive and interactive online form would have brought about less cost, less time and more questions. On top of that, an online questionnaire portal would have divulged statistics which are incredible, like the number of user sessions, time spent in filling the questionnaires and the total time taken by the whole process. All these would have disclosed extremely useful information concerning poll takers sentiment and opinions regarding the census. The census team also did not take the process of ‘apportionment’ with the seriousness it deserved. This is the process which decides the segregating of seats in the Representatives’ House among the 50 states. This is proven by the fact that the census team chose to give the section a quirky logo and label: The Amazing Apportionment Machine. This treatment came off as immature and seemed to undermine the seriousness that the process deserved. ( ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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