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Immigration in the United States, information on the National Immigration Policy and will need tocreate a new policy proposal fo - Term Paper Example

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National Immigration Policy and Illegal Immigration Name of the Student Subject Name of the Concerned Professor 27 May 2011 Essay Outline I. Introduction A. Rise in the number of illegal immigrants B. Opinions about illegal immigrants 1. An asset 2. A nuisance C…
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Immigration in the United States, information on the National Immigration Policy and will need tocreate a new policy proposal fo
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Extract of sample "Immigration in the United States, information on the National Immigration Policy and will need tocreate a new policy proposal fo"

Download file to see previous pages Illegal immigration to the US A. Magnitude, composition and dispersal B. Conflicting public views about illegal immigrants C. Economic views about illegal immigrants IV. Illegal immigrants and the American Economy A. Type of immigrants required by the US 1. Immigrants with low schooling 2. Highly skilled immigrants B. How illegal immigrants serve the interests of the national economy V. Recommended Policy Proposal A. Provisions for immigrants with varied terms of stay in the US B. How to evaluate the recommended policy proposal VI. Expected outcomes and benefits of the recommended policy proposal VII. Conclusion National Immigration Policy and Illegal Immigration Introduction Illegal immigration in the United States of America is an issue that has evolved into a source of prime concern for the policy makers throughout the nation. Varied monitoring agencies and concerned institutions are of the opinion that in the last three decades there has been a gargantuan rise in the number and proportion of illegal immigrants in the country (Haerens 11). In 2006, the Congress authorized and put in place several measures with the intention to tighten the enforcement mechanisms and procedures on the US borders, and especially along the US-Mexico border (Haerens 36). There is a broad consensus in the country pertaining to the benefits and advantages of legal immigration. However, there exists also a gradually building up opinion amongst the varied strata of the American political and civic life that the nation could enhance its economic welfare and growth by controlling and reducing the number of illegal immigrants sneaking in through its borders. However, nobody has ever bothered to pragmatically analyze and weigh the relative benefits and disadvantages associated with legal and illegal immigration. In an economic context, it would be beneficial for the country to allow for immigrants whose skills are in a short supply and whose contribution in terms of taxes to the national exchequer is considerable. This would not only include the highly educated and skilled professionals like IT experts and technology related engineers, but would also include low skilled workers that could serve the labor starved economic sectors like food processing, construction industry and cleaning services. It would be surprising to realize that the flow of illegal immigration is more in consonance with the nation’s market trends and economic cycles (Mills 42). Common sense has proven time and again that the levels of illegal immigration in the US do always rise during the boom times and the flow of illegal immigrants is mostly directed at the places where there is a strong demand for labor (Mills 34). In contrast, legal immigration is determined and controlled by varied time consuming bureaucratic and legal hassles, which to a great extent dissociate the flow and composition of the legal immigration from the national markets trends and requirements. Besides, the selection of more than half of the legal immigrants is linked to the fact that they already have close relatives residing in the US. So irrespective of the need for coordination between the US economic requirements and the national immigration policy, there exist grave discrepancies between the education and skill composition of the legal immigrants and the needs of the local employment trends and preferences (Mills 53). Even those legal immigrants who come to the US on the invitation of some specific employer are subject to time consuming visa ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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