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International Migration to the UK - Essay Example

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The research "International Migration to the UK" will be geared towards the study of trends and the reasons for the international migration of a person to the United Kingdom. The underlying reasons for migration will be studied by use of the structured in-depth interviews…
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International Migration to the UK
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"International Migration to the UK"

Download file to see previous pages This aspect will be an advantage of the usage of this method since the respondent may even give extra information that will make the interview more detailed and comprehensive. This method of data collection will be also imperative because the respondent will be able to give information about their values, attitudes, and opinions and they will be able to explain how they contextualize the issues that are contained in the interview. Another strength of the use of the in-depth semi-structured interview is that data can be collected from an informal atmosphere. This aspect will make the respondent be open, may give more information without fear and may disclose much detail that they cannot offer when the information is collected from a formal setting. This aspect makes the information that is obtained to be more detailed than the use of the interviews that require a formal setting. Finally, this method of data collection is flexible and as the interview is taking place the order of questions can be adjusted and may result in no conflict of the issues or inadequacy. However, this type of method of data collection has its shortcoming as it is used for the data collection. The major disadvantage is that the few interviews of this nature can be undertaken because each one of them takes a longer time to be completed. The other shortcoming of this method of study is the comparison of the information obtained from the in-depth semi-structured interviews is difficult since the answers to various questions are not ordered. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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