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Social Classes in New South Wales - Term Paper Example

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The author states that immigration in Australia caused the emergence of classes of people based on prior perceptions. This paper analyzes social classes in the state of New South Wales. In view of this, it attaches a Marxian and Weberian approach based on economic class and sociological components. …
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Social Classes in New South Wales
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Extract of sample "Social Classes in New South Wales"

Download file to see previous pages Marxian and Weberian Approach to Class According to the Marxian class theory, the production position held by an individual determines the class they hold in society. The political and ideological consciousness determines the position of the person. Therefore, the production process structure determines the construction of the class. Max distinguished two classes by use of two criteria; the ownership of production means and the ability to control the power of the labor. In fact, he divided the class into three regions; the bourgeoisie, proletariat, and petite bourgeoisie. By social means, these three classes are always at conflict. The Weberian approach takes a similar look at class with a famous definition. He defines the class as the ability of a given actor in the society to be able to dispose of his will accordingly regardless of resistance from other members of the society. The power in society, therefore, rests on class, status groups as well as parties. The proliferation of economic classes is rife and just like Marx; there are class groups; the dominant entrepreneurs or the propertied groups, petty bourgeoisie, the middle class and the working class (Breen, 2004, p. 5). Social class in New South Wales New South Wales borders Victoria state to the south and Queensland to the northern side. This gives it close proximity to the capital cities of Australia in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane as well as Hobart in further south Tasmania. Therefore, these are some of the areas that recorded a very high level of migrations to Australia. With due permission from the Australian government, the highest number of immigrants were the British, Chinese and Indians with over 10% of the population. There is however a high presence of other people in the state with minimal percentages being from developing nations such as Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, Sudan among others. Migration to this region is based on three reasons; perceived opportunities in the region, political reasons especially based on the home countries and family reunions.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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