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Adolescence victimization - Essay Example

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According to Singer (1987) there are several instances that contribute to adolescent victimization. It was revealed that minor assaults and robberies tend to decrease as the age of the adolescent increases. Major assaults have been closely linked with the maturity of adolescents…
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Adolescence victimization
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Extract of sample "Adolescence victimization"

Download file to see previous pages According to Singer (1987) there are several instances that contribute to adolescent victimization. It was revealed that minor assaults and robberies tend to decrease as the age of the adolescent increases. Major assaults have been closely linked with the maturity of adolescents. Aside from these aspects, several instances contribute to the occurrence of adolescence victimization. First, the low income of adolescents is considered as one of the noticeable circumstances. It was proven that adolescents with low income levels tend to suffer victimization. Second, the racial description of adolescents affects their position in the society. Although mistaken as discrimination, victimization among minorities is prevalent and distinct.Apart from these drivers, victimization has been traced in adolescents among high school dropouts. Based on statistics presented by Singer (1987) high dropouts are twice vulnerable than high school graduates to face physical assaults. Moreover, the employment status is directly related with the condition of adolescence victimization. Low level workers are likely to be victimized by physical and emotional stressors. In addition, the affiliation of adolescents in gangs is associated with adolescence victimization. In most situations, personal offenses are more noticeable than property offenses. Finally, social adjudication is a relevant aspect in determining and establishing the occurrence of victimization among adolescence. Through the years, other studies have supplemented to the literatures regarding adolescent victimization....
Bryan et al (1989) proceeded on studying the extent to which adolescents with learning incapacities experience crime. It was revealed that male adolescents tend to be victims of crime more than male without mental disabilities.
Benz (1996) through further researches proved that in most public schools females are less likely to be victimized. Basically, the structured environment of schools and other institutions contribute to the protection provided to mentally impaired adolescents. The relevance of programs and structures contribute to the efforts in alleviating adolescence victimization. In addition, the programs that are established in preventing victimization aids in the protection of the mentally impaired. In truth, the condition of adolescents with mental disabilities is vulnerable to the different negative aspects in the environment. Also, the human tendency to value superiority worsens the issue on mental incapacities. Indeed, the prevention of adolescence victimization is a process that entails stages of mental development.
2.2. Social Victimization
Graham and Juvonen (2001) defined social victimization as the experience of harmful attacks against peers. In most researchers, peer victimization has been linked with the occurrence physical attack, verbal attack, social exclusion, and spreading untrue rumors. Since most adolescents become part of social groups, it is normal to experience conflicts as individuals are oriented with the social environment. Social realities are critical in analyzing the tendency of adolescents to be victimized. Logically, differences in physical attributes are a determinant of adolescent victimization. Also, the behavior of adolescents is used as basis for predicting tendencies of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Adolescence Victimization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5250 Words.
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