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Analyzing Verbal Reports on Mental Processes - Essay Example

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From the essay "Analyzing Verbal Reports on Mental Processes" it is clear that awareness and introspection are aspects of the mental processes that need to be analyzed and further used by individuals in promoting accurate verbal reporting of their mental processes…
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Analyzing Verbal Reports on Mental Processes
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Download file to see previous pages They aimed to provide an analysis of studies made and explanations regarding the verbal reports of people on their mental processes. The studies showed that people may not have direct access to the higher order mental processes like judgment, evaluation, problem-solving and the initiation of behavior. It is the result of thinking that the individuals manifest rather than the process of thinking. Individuals lack the awareness of the operations used or the methods used in arriving at certain perceptions, attitudes, responses or behaviors. Individuals more often than not report on the results or outcomes of their thought patterns and not the mechanics of how they came about with those results. Persons would often give out responses or reactions without the ability to explain how they came about with their responses. They can answer why they responded or reacted in a certain way, but they find it difficult to answer how they arrived at the underlying reasons for such responses or reactions. Individuals may react toward a particular stimulus without even being aware of the stimulus, so they cannot explain why they reacted that way because, in the first place, they are not conscious of a presence of a stimulus. Cognitive dissonance is an important concept in the discourse on the access and control that individuals have over their mental processes. Cognitive dissonance refers to the inconsistency or discrepancy between attitudes or behaviors. It occurs when individuals must select between two incompatible actions or beliefs. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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