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Depth Psychology - Essay Example

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This essay declares thatas a student Christian Chaplain, connected with the psychiatric hospital on an eleven-week placement at two hours a time, the reporter found himself to be the sole chaplain for the entire ward. He had to report to the senior chaplain and three other chaplains’ students. …
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Depth Psychology
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Download file to see previous pages As the paper highlights it is not just the dreams, but any material that could be coming out of the unconscious senses like impulsive drawing, sculpture or painting. These are usually examined and analysed in the same way in which dreams are examined. His theory is a slightly different form of psychoanalysis. Though he and Freud had been together for a while and shared much of their research, these two titans of psychology parted company in 1914, presumably over libido. Jung’s theory differs from Freud in many ways, especially in the concepts of individuation, or the human potential theory. From a Christian chaplain’s point of view this is connected with spirituality and transcendence.

This study outlines that the core of Jung’s theory is its encounter with the unconscious. No other psychologist, even Freud, attached that kind of importance to the unconscious. He said this would result in much greater and more powerful consciousness both inner and outer and allow the individual to attain wholeness. More people search for deeper meaning into their lives, especially while being faced with an approaching death or long hospitalisation. Most of them want to find the real core of existence, instead of going through mere motions of life. People should definitely find fulfilment in this theory, this being a more complete theory, according to me, because it answers many inner needs of a person, his conscious and unconscious minds’ desires and aspirations....
More people search for deeper meaning into their lives, especially while being faced with an approaching death or long hospitalisation. Most of them want to find the real core of existence, instead of going through mere motions of life.
I remembered that Jung's father and eight uncles were clergymen and unconsciously, this provided a religious backdrop to his life2. Freud said the goal of therapy is to make unconscious conscious. Jung's interest went beyond one religion, and enveloped other religions like Hinduism and Buddhism. He sometimes analysed his own dreams with great flourish3.
As a chaplain connected with the hospital, I thought it was my duty to help the patients with their spiritual needs. I also chose the Jungian therapy as the best way to do it. Pastoral treatment had always attracted me as the most natural treatment and according to me, the body, the soul and both have to react to it. People should definitely find fulfilment in this theory, this being a more complete theory, according to me, because it answers many inner needs of a person, his conscious and unconscious minds' desires and aspirations. It would also give solace to the person, who might be reaching the end of his life, or going through a harrowing old age, or going through terrible pain due to some illness. I have found that Freudian theories are too technical, too practical for a layman to understand, and by applying them on patients, sometimes the effect could be more confusing and traumatic. The patients need more care, kindness, and they desire to be told their own inner requirements, which most of the time, human beings do not fathom. I, being a chaplain, was more ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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