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We are all created with imperfections and even though how intelligent,rational,and smart we become,we always fall short of the capability of understanding other people's thoughts.As I mature,I can clearly see how my reaction when I am misjudged changes-from being utterly annoyed evolving into a more diplomatic and open-minded person…
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Of being misjudged
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06 February 2008 Of Being Misjudged We are all created with imperfections and even though how intelligent, rational, and smart we become, we always fall short of the capability of knowing and understanding other people's thoughts. With this realization, I know that we should always have an open mind to accept people's misconception and misjudgment against us. As I mature, I can clearly see how my reaction when I am misjudged changes-from being utterly annoyed and angered evolving into a more diplomatic, more sensitive, and open-minded person.
My childhood memory brings me to the very first instance of being accused with a wrongdoing I did not commit. Being raised in a conservative family, my parents become very strict in implementing rules and each violation often entails punishment. One day my mom went home very angry seeing that her favorite vase is now shattered into pieces. My brother has been playing with his dog all day while I stayed at my room finishing my science project. Thus, I am very surprised when my mom entered my room fuming. She says that I shouldn't have played catching ball with my friends inside the house because of the damage it can bring. I tried to explain but it was too late. Afraid of being punished, my brother also supports my mom's notion. I remember being very upset then. After hearing my punishment of being grounded for a week, I am very upset that I threw the science project I am working at. I also make sure that in within the week, my brother will paid for what he did. And yes, I never spoke to my mom for the next three weeks.
I have always resented being misjudged for my personality. I have to admit that I am really the silent type and am only comfortable talking with someone whom I am emotionally close with. Because of this, I am mistaken to be a person who is picky and hard to deal with. Nothing can be harder than hearing your classmates talking about how they want to avoid you because you are very unfriendly. After hearing these conversations, I come to the resolution of changing myself in order to prove that I am not what they expect me to be. I loosened up and made friends with more people yet I also have to admit that I am still aloof with those persons saying bad things behind my back.
Lastly, I can never forget how embarrassed I am when the librarian scolded me for vandalism. Some naughty classmates informed the librarian that I scrawled indecent messages on the library's chairs and tables. Being in-front of other students, I just kept my silence recognizing that the librarian will be humiliated if I speak up. After her lecture, I followed her to her office and explained about what really happened. Fortunately, she believed me and appreciated how I acted.
Misjudgments against us can be very painful and even traumatic to the point that we lose our temper. However, knowing that we can also commit the mistake of judging wrongly, it is essential to show kindness to those who misjudge us while changing to prove their misconception. Read More
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