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Getting Married Earlier or Later In Life - Essay Example

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(Name) (Instructor) (Course Code) (Date Submitted) Getting Married Earlier Or Later In Life: Later Is Always better The decision to get married is perhaps the most important decision anyone will make in their lives. Marriage means lifelong commitment, willingness to compromise and spend one’s entire life with a single other individual to whom they are required to remain faithful, respectful and loving…
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Getting Married Earlier or Later In Life
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Download file to see previous pages It is finding the right person that is the most difficult thing about committing to a marriage. People fall in and out of love every day, but thinking that you are in love does not necessarily justify a marriage. So many considerations must be taken into account and the majority of these considerations are things that youth and shorter-term relationships are not equipped to sufficiently assess. Because of this, getting married at a young age is almost always a bad idea, while waiting until a person matures is a far better option in terms of getting married. When young people - teenagers and young adults in their early twenties - are in relationships, they often think they are in love when this may not necessarily be the case. Frequently, they are succumbing to intense infatuations with another which can easily be mistaken for genuine love if a person does not have the experience to be more informed. When a person grows and accumulates a range of experience in relationships and life, they begin to understand the fragility and changeable nature of such infatuations and can understand the difference between infatuation and love. With age comes experience and a more realistic perspective on love and relationships. In addition to this, younger people with less relationships under their belt, do not necessarily know what they want in a partner. While they may value things such as looks, sense of humour or intelligence, they may neglect to assess other values in a partner and do not realise this until it is too late. Older people have the experience and personal knowledge to know that things such as profession, common interests, family values and desire to have children are extremely important factors in assessing a couple’s compatibility and thus, their suitability for a successful marriage. If a younger couple gets married early, their relationship is likely to suffer under the strain of personal growth and development. For example, if a couple get married at the age of 20, it is likely that neither has completed a course of Higher Education. They may not have began their careers yet nor even know what they want to do as a profession. They must look for a family home, get a mortgage and pay household bills that they have never had to pay before. All of these things can put a severe pressure on any relationship and if neither is working in well-paid jobs, or if one or both is in college, paying such bills is near impossible and a very adverse factor within the context of a young, newly-wed relationship. On top of this, if one person wants to complete a course or pursue a particular career, it is almost inevitable that the other must support them both financially and emotionally. This would be very difficult for a young married couple who have no higher education, career prospects or savings under their belts, unlike that of an older couple which would have likely already dealt with such issues when they were younger. The twenties are an age in which people are still discovering themselves, who they are, what they want and what is important to them. It is an age in which people go to college, travel, explore different things, meet new social circles and engage in activities that they may be interested in. Very often, people of this age undergo dramatic changes in personality traits, personal interests, goals, desires and opinions. If a person married ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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