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Harriet Tubman: The Conductor Of Underground Railroad - Research Paper Example

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The present research paper will describe the life of the Harriet Tubman, the important figure in fighting the slavery in the America. An author claims that every phase and every part of the life of Harrier Tubman is worth studying and worth applauding…
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Harriet Tubman: The Conductor Of Underground Railroad
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Extract of sample "Harriet Tubman: The Conductor Of Underground Railroad"

Download file to see previous pages Prior to analyzing typically the role of Harriet, it would be enlightening to see the conditions prevailing in America at the time. During the seventeenth century, the practice of kidnapping people from Africa and trafficking them to America to enslave them was a common practice. In such a case, the slaves were being treated like entities and merely like a piece of property. Also, by the 1660`s states like Maryland and Virginia had already passed legislation to distinguish white free and independent servants from the black slaves. However, by 1819, around eleven states had passed legislation to abolish the institution of slavery. Thus, in a highly divided America, a few of the slaves were attempting at escaping the states where slavery was still being practiced. In addition, there was an understanding being developed amongst a few masters and slaves that on the death of the master, the slaves would automatically be freed. However, in the light of rising crime rate and controversies, even the states which had abolished slavery were treating fugitives as criminals and thus, the states were taking punitive action against them. In the light of such instances, those planning the hideouts and the escape routes were looking forward to a quite brutal action on getting caught, which makes Harriet such a brave women who deserves some applaud.
In order to develop an explanation of the factors leading to Harriet`s choice of being a ‘conductor’, it is important to study how her early life was like. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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