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How Attitudes Affect Leadership - Essay Example

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The paper "How Attitudes Affect Leadership" investigated that positive attitude attributes to the interpersonal communication of a good leader and that the five personality traits are determined by the leader’s recognition. An analysis was made to relate concepts to the success of Walt Disney. …
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How Attitudes Affect Leadership
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Download file to see previous pages Dilts (2001) depicts him as “dreamer”. How else can have more positive attitude towards life and people than a person who lives in his fantasies? Dilts (2001) characterizes Disney as a genius who used his ability to imagine things and to forget about the physical existence which “directly influences the experiences of others in a positive way (par.1).” Disney was an individual with positive attitude, which established him later as leader and innovator in the animation industry.

Attitude is the most natural personal communication. We are all deeply sensitive to people’s feelings, thoughts and behavior towards us, especially if they have authority over us. In a work environment leader’s attitude to his fellow workers affect their responses to him. If his approach is positively charged he will create an aura of trust, friendliness, and support. “According to perceptual-humanist thinking, people behave at any moment according to what they believe about themselves, the situations they confront, and the purposes they have in mind (Combs et al, 1999, p. 17).” What Combs tries to express with this idea is that what the individual thinks about himself is the most vital factor in determining his behavior. We can give thousands of examples of self-confident leaders who are empathic and understanding and know exactly how to approach his employees or a difficult situation. We also know leaders whose self-concepts are quite low, and in order for them to compensate this they are rude and humiliate their co-workers. Thus, attitude plays a major role in everything the leader does. The way people respond to the challenges and threats and make them real leaders.
Walt Disney was the leader in animation. A pioneer and innovator, he possessed one of the most productive imaginations in the world. "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them (Disney cited in Gardner, 1993)." Who else can best describe him, if not Disney himself One of the main reasons why he became the leader in animation entertainment was because he had a positive attitude towards this. He ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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