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Reflection on Communication in Practice - Essay Example

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The imparting or interchange of thoughts and opinion as well as information by speech, writing or sign" called communication. Communication also mean that a process by which information is exchanged between individual through a common system of symbol, sign a behaviour…
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Reflection on Communication in Practice
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Download file to see previous pages Communication is a process by which we can transfer information in encoded form transmitted to the receiver through kind of channel or media. At receiving end receiver decode the message and give response to the sender corresponded to the sanded message. If we want to make the communication between two parities than they should have area of communicative commonality. There are various means of acoustic communication such as speaking, singing, some tones of voice there are also physical means of communication such as body language sign language Paralanguage, touch, eye contact by using writing. These are very useful for those people who are deft & dumb. Actually communication is the expression of sending a particular message through different forms of media either it is verbal or nonverbal including thought annoying idea and gesture. When babies born having the ability to make sound, but still they have to learn to speak and communicate effectively. Speaking and listing abilities to understand verbal and nonverbal messages are the skills we can which we can develop various process. Still we learn basic communication skills by simply observing other people and mock-up our behaviour what we see in our daily life and from our surroundings. We also learn some communication skills through education and by practicing it.
General Forms of Communication:
1. Verbal communication
2. Nonverbal communication.
1. Verbal Communication:
It is also called a dialogue communication, which is the mutual conversation between the two or more entities. Dialogue communication is a exchange of using words .It is kind of communication between the two or more entities, it is very necessary that two entities must have the common language to exchange their ideas and thought verbally for which we make the standard language "English" through which we can easily exchange our thoughts to the receiver internationally.
2. Nonverbal communication:
Non verbal communication is a kind of process through which we can communicate with other side through a word less message such as gesture, body language, posture, facial expression and eye contact. This is also called the behaviour communication.
Communication with learning disabled child
Learning disability is cost due to the problem in the nervous system and affects the main body parts through which we communicate and thus affect the ability of the body to receive processed or communicates. There is various type of disorder which decided that which kind of verbal non verbal information is required understood, order ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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