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KlverBucy syndrome - Essay Example

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A constellation of symptoms resulting from bilateral temporal lobectomy in humans and monkeys that include decreased fear and aggression (flattened emotions), the tendency to identify objects by oral examination rather than visual inspection, and altered sexual behavior…
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KlverBucy syndrome
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Download file to see previous pages A constellation of symptoms resulting from bilateral temporal lobectomy in humans and monkeys that include decreased fear and aggression (flattened emotions), the tendency to identify objects by oral examination rather than visual inspection, and altered sexual behavior.Synonym: Bilateral Temporal Lobe Disorder Background: In the late 1930s, Paul Bucy and Heinrich Kluver showed that temporal lobe removal, which disrupts the Papez circuit, has profound effects on the social and emotional behaviors of rhesus monkeys. In contrast to wild monkeys, the monkeys that had their temporal lobes removed seemed less aggressive as indicated by their willingness to approach humans without attempting to bite or claw them. These monkeys also failed to vocalize or show other fearful reactions to snakes, which are strongly aversive to normal monkeys. Other observation, however, indicated that this behavioral tameness was a manifestation of a more general deficit in visual recognition. This view arose because monkeys with temporal lobe lesions are unable to recognize a wide range of behaviorally relevant stimuli, a phenomenon referred to as visual agnosia or “psychic blindness”.These monkeys indiscriminately place a wide range of in animate objects into their mouth and readily ingest fish, meat, feces, and other substances that normally monkeys avoid. Temporal lobectomy also disturbs their sexual behavior as indicated by repeated attempts to copulate with members of their own sex, with other species, or even inanimate objects...
experiences to stimuli that have important behavioral consequences. The amygdala
receives sensory information from many cortical areas, and, thus may provide the
anatomic substrate for associating behaviorally significant stimuli with their
positive or negative consequences. In this context, the behavioral disruptions that
define the Kluver-Bucy syndrome may represent an inability to make appropriate
sensory affective associations.
Literature Review:
The limbic system is a perennial favorite of biological
psychiatrists. The limbic system, with functions subserving emotions, exerts
control over the hypothalamus. The amygdala, located in the anteromedial temporal
lobe, is an important link between incoming sensory and sensory association signals
and outflow to the hypothalamus, a sort of bridge between externally perceived
reality and basic drives. It may help assign emotional valence to perceived objects
Lesion in several related areas have profound effects on personality, mood and
perceptions. Bilateral medial temporal lobe lesions can produce the Kluver - Bucy
syndrome. This syndrome is characterized by placidity, hyper sexuality or altered
sexual behavior, visual agnosia, hyper metamorphosis (compulsive exploration of
the Environmental), hyperorality and a failure to learn from aversive stimuli. Apart
from this rare, anatomically localized syndrome, abnormalities of mood and
perception associated with temporal lobe lesions are more difficult to pin down.
Major Cause and Effect:

A Kluver -Bucy syndrome occurs in human following
bilateral destruction of the amygdale resulting from herpes encephalitis, Pick's ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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