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Investigating children and their childhoods (babies with senorineural hearing loss and developent under 6months) - Literature review Example

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Senorineural Hearing Loss and Development- Literature Review The degree of hearing in a child is classified as mild, moderate, severe or even profound since there is an approximate relationship that exists between decibel loss of hearing and the degree to which a child will experience difficult functionality…
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Investigating children and their childhoods (babies with senorineural hearing loss and developent under 6months)
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Download file to see previous pages Shulman Brian and Capone Nina concluded that nearly all persons affected with senorineural hearing loss usually experience some degree of speech clarity problems and the severity of the loss does not indicate the clarity of the speech (2009, p.116). Congenital hearing loss is seen in newborn babies in most circumstances either by inheritance or by abnormal development in the foetal stages of a child. A comprehensive research done by Valente, Hosford-Dunn and Roesser found that three out of a thousand children born have birth defects that results in hearing loss; sixty per cent of these being inherited, and seventy per cent of the inherited defects are nonsyndromic while fifteen to thirty per cent being syndromic (2008, p.251). One of the most common causes of sensorineural hearing loss amongst children is congenital cytomegalovirus, although majority of children affected by this virus have normal hearing. There are indicators present in newborn children that can be used to predict values necessary for the development of loss of hearing with congenital cytomegalovirus infection. ...
Congenital hearing loss may also happen after the birth of a child, which is caused by trauma, Meniere’s disease, age-related loss of hearing – presbycusis, and exposure to noise causing machines such as firearms. In order to be able to manage hearing loss, it is advisable to detect senorineural hearing loss at an early stage by the use of high-risk registry. Screening procedures that are conducted in hospitals has great importance in determining audio sensitivity. A child begins learning about language in the womb and staying a minute without sound affects the speech and language development of an infant. Most important domains in the development of a child are speech and language acquisition. A child who has lost speech after acquiring language is able to communicate orally than a deaf child. Early identification of hearing loss enables a child to have high language quotient for development of language as compared to a child who is identified at a later age. From the journal written by Iyer and Oller, there is an interpretive advantage in maturation of children (2008, p.120), as children with similar age are supposed to be alike in several aspects of maturity except when affected with factors such as canonical babbling. However, with a difference in other factors such as hearing, children experience difference in maturation. The explanations for late maturity in children with the onset of canonical babbling in infants with typical hearing are the fact that there are more syllables produced per utterance in sessions of canonicals than when in canonical precessions. The fact that utterances respond to breath, infants with typical hearing problem, who start producing canonical ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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