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Career Management and Career Development - Term Paper Example

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This paper "Career Management and Career Development" discusses changes in the job market and the trend is expected to continue this way in the future, for instance, need of a wider variety of job dealings, and communication with a wider base of people…
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Career Management and Career Development
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Download file to see previous pages The self-awareness theory: this theory states that when people centre their concentration on themselves, they evaluate and make comparisons of their character and their internal values and standards. People hence become conscious of themselves as aim assessors of themselves (Boniwell 2006). Several emotional states are increased by the concept of self-awareness and people may in some cases attempt to run away from this by watching television, taking drugs and/or playing games. I realize that some people get to align their behaviour with the standards and this may have a negative impact on them if they do not meet these standards. I believe that self-awareness will help me to discover my inner standards of inspiration and energy to work hard and achieve my goals.
The business environment today is experiencing very dynamic changes as companies are expanding, restructuring, merging, de-merging, making new acquisitions and getting globalize (Boniwell 2006). Other aspects of the government and private institutions have also been affected by these factors. The job market is exciting and showing a lot of demands as well as competition. I will carry out a frequent personal review since these presenting conditions make career development very complicated.
I have learnt a lot of theoretical approach to dealing with these conditions from studying this course. The important techniques I have obtained have helped me a lot to develop self-concept which means being more self-aware and discovering my true inners self in terms of weaknesses and strengths (Boniwell 2006). Before undertaking this module I did not actually get to understand the direction I was to take, the specific career to choose or what to target in future for future developments. I only believed that I would luckily land on a job, get rich and be happy; by making me think about what I like doing and what makes me happy in life, my inspiration, and my strengths, I feel like being in a better position to explore my potential and to know how to use it in the future developments (Inkson 2006)
Knowledge is expressed as power and this is precisely when referring to some people. This also applies to the way we understand ourselves. Psychologists have referred to this as a paradox. The first paradox is the imagination that people have. This can be enlightened by analysing them as they have no boundaries. When a person is imagining, he/she can do anything in his/her thoughts including flying, climbing to the highest mountain and win the very great event (Boniwell 2006) However the reality is different and people's lives are restricted by boundaries like the law, inability, beliefs among others.
The second paradox is the human spirit, this is the source of inspiration to most f the human activities, motivation and the reason people can overcome their frailties (Brown & Hesketh 2004). I have discovered that the human spirit is very important in realizing self-awareness as it provides us with the desire and the strength to perform noble functions, our spirit usually helps to make decisions and pursue our beliefs and it can also motivate people making them carry out unspeakable horrors. The human spirit is the will to do something and this can be swayed in some occasions. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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